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90+ pages of guided learning and exercises

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What our Students are Saying

“Hi George, I placed some virtual trades on Thursday with CBOE using the techniques we learned thus far including contingent orders, and looks like I made some good choices. Just wanted to share my virtual money happiness. Thank you for all the education my friend.”
– Murat Tekbilek

“The TRADEPRO Foundations Course has proven to be an invaluable source of information. The content goes deep into the foundation of trading, which cannot be taught in a day. George exceeded expectations by delivering all this information to match my learning ability. This helped me stay on top of the content while practicing real-life scenarios. Anyone wanting to start a career in investing should consider this course. I’m looking forward to the next course from George and TRADEPRO Academy.”
– Peter S.


“Learning with TRADEPRO has enabled me to understand trading on a whole other level and really grasp the fundamentals. Smartest thing I did was sign up for the course and I couldn’t be happier with the results thus far. I really enjoy the real life examples that are part of the sessions and the 24/7 access to the site to retrieve and review past sessions. I’m looking forward to becoming a pro.”
– Sarah Wiseberg


“The TRADEPRO Foundations course has a unique approach to teaching individuals how to successfully apply knowledge learned throughout the course into realistic trading application. The 4 tiered approach; education, simulation, investigation & application has given me one of the most holistic learning experiences I’ve ever had. These 36 hours I dedicated to this course are probably some of the most rewarding hours I’ve ever spent. Thanks TRADEPRO Academy!”
– Jesse Carr


“My experience at TRADEPRO has taken me from a person who knew nothing about trading to a person who knows how to make larger gains while taking smaller risks! I believe the conditioining I received will have a spill over effect and change my life!”
– Brandon Connaught


“I made the decision to pursue trading the financial markets over a year ago and was fortunate enough to find George and the TradePro Academy. In this industry it is increasingly difficult to find an educational provider that is not trying to sell you a get rich quick scheme or provide a signal service. Straight from the get go, George set my expectations straight by emphasizing that trading is a long term endeavour and requires discipline and consistency. The Foundations course was incredibly useful in helping with the markets learning curve. I really enjoyed George’s teaching style and his ability to relate complex material to everyday examples for the average joe to understand. The content itself was very well structured with plenty of examples to cater to all types of learning styles. I found that by breaking down the course into three levels, George was able to dive into detail for each lesson and explain the content clearly. The real-time responses were incredibly helpful and I found that this aided the learning process as any confusion was instantly clarified. In addition to this, the applied market analysis at the end of the sessions was a HUGE help as applying the theories and concepts to current charts really helped me understand what to look for and how to capitalize on opportunities. I would highly recommend anybody looking to learn the ins and outs of trading to take the Foundations course and see its true value for yourself.”
– Mark Borszcz


“Initially struggling and skeptical about whether stock trading was worth pursuing, my outlook on trading has changed drastically from the first day I decided to join TRADEPRO Academy. What I like about it is the simplicity of the lessons, the daily market analysis and most of all the timely responses to any questions I have and the personal attention I get. It really avoids the hassle and academics and sets you into trading as soon as you can, at first paper trading, then for real. This is the way to learn. In the space of a couple of months, I went from not even knowing what a stop loss is to confidently tackling complex subjects like options, option spreads, risk management, position sizing, pairs trading and finally surviving through multiple trading ordeals to emerge on the winning side. I like it very much how George has managed to put concise, no-nonsense, practical material that delves straight to the point in minimum time. This is a real learning with leverage. ”
– Nikolaj Tsvetkov