The 7 Hour Trading Week

The 7 Hour Trading Week

What could be better than working 7 hours a week, yet making the regular income of someone who works 40? The key in having a great life is to work smart, not hard – if the goal is to make money, then it makes no sense to be in any industry other than finance.

This is where becoming a trader comes into play. It is a great self-starter business where you can get into the game with as little as $5,000 starting capital.

Once you are into the swing of things, and are comfortable placing trades in the market with a high winning ratio, you can nail a great income while working as little as 7 hours a week.


Here’s your new schedule:

Weekend Analysis (2 hrs/week): This is where you set up trading plans for the upcoming week. Our Market Analysis Live shows you what we look at before we set up our trades.

Morning Analysis (30 mins/day): Check up on your trades while you sip your morning coffee before you start checking emails.

Lunch time analysis (15 mins/day): Check up on your trades mid-day and make necessary adjustments

Evening Analysis (15 mins/day): Analyse where things are heading as markets close and check that trades as successful.

Total Time per Week:  7 Hours!


Plus, we are here to help you every step of the way. The TRADEPRO Foundations course is an indispensible way to learn the skills of a successful trader as well as the discipline and conditioning you will need to stay focused.  Once you’ve learned the ABC’s, the Market Analysis Live will let you tune in to see how trades are placed every week.


Subscribing to our Youtube Channel allows you access to a weekly webinar analyzing and placing one trade a week.


 Work smarter, and not harder.  

Let us show you the enormous potential of trading – the opportunity that can make you a lot of money AND save you 30 or more hours a week.


Sign up for one of our subscriptions and experience the edge of trading with the professionals.

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