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We are officially bringing back our monthly subscription that includes EVERYTHING we have ever created, and will create. That means you get everything with one subscription - courses, live room + community!

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Introducing OUR ELITE PLAN

Courses, Live Trading Room & Community

With our new ELITE subscription plan, you don't have to wonder if you are getting access to the most important information you need. You don't have to worry about up-selling, or feel like you're missing out.  In fact, you just don't have to worry.  Now you can focus on your trading development!


What's Included in ELITE Subscription

Continuous Learning

Get access to all of our courses:

Futures Day Trading & Order Flow Course

Trading Psychology Techniques & Mastery

Options + Stock Courses

Trading Plan Creation Resources + MUCH MORE


Live Trading Room

Every morning we trade the futures market live with all of our members. Victorio shows all his trades in real time and live, and breaks down the market and plans his next-best trade alongside Fady.  This is a fun and interactive environment - and our traders tell us how much they learn every day. Oh, and 70% of our live capital traders are green every day.


Active 24/7 Member Community 

You trade against others in the market, so it's your best edge to trade WITH others on a team. From trade setups, to accountability partners to new ideas and strategies - a community supercharges your learning and keeps you growing and adapting.


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We are Proud of Our 5 Star Rating!

Very professional group! Good breadth and depth. Lots there for new traders, esp. early-stage help. Also a lot to offer experienced traders looking for a community or advanced assist. GeorgeP (founder/head trader) does a great job explaining market behaviour and decision-making in real-time. Trading psychology (Mind Over Market podcast) was immediate impact - looking forward to the full course. Overall seems like a Low Risk Trade so far.

Bill Gibbons // Google Page

TPA has been instrumental in my growth as not just a trader, but has a human being in general. At TPA you are surrounded by like minded people who want to grow and see you become your best self. In regards to online courses, and the community I thoroughly believe TPA is your best shot at being able to become a full time trader. Its the right people teaching and trading the right stuff (Order flow) and sharpening each other day in a day out.

Evan Funk // Google Page

Sign up for elite.... you wont regret it. This is more than just "learn a strategy". It is a inside to the industry that seems so closed off. This is a trading life changer. seriously......

Jory Eley // Google Page

Customers served! 970 +   5 star reviews ON ALL PLATFORMS

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Backed by a full 7 day money back guarantee, no commitments, no cancellations fees. No bs. You don’t like it, you get your money back. This decision is RISK FREE.

Hi, I'm Victorio Stefanov

head trader at tradepro academy

I have been trading for over 7 years in options and futures markets and was one of the early students at TRADEPRO AcademyTM. I head up the trading content and operation of the business, as well moderating the daily futures trading room alongside Fady.


Do I get immediate access to all content when I sign up?

During the checkout process, you will create your account credentials. Once you subscribe, you will receive a confirmation and you can access everything instantly. From our past trading room archives, to all of our courses and our entire database of trader development resources. You will know you made the right decision the moment you see all the resources waiting for you.

Do I lose access to everything when I cancel?

Once you cancel your subscription, you will lose access to the entire platform - including courses, trading rooms and much more. You will continue to have access until your anniversary day and time of the month.  You can resubscribe again if you happen to change your mind.

Are there any additional feels, up-sells or upgrades?

No extra fees, no BS. We give you everything, no annoying upsells or gate keeping of any information. We put our heart into creating our development system, and we want you to have it because we have seen it change lives for 100's of thousands of traders. You will have all the education, trading rooms and resources to succeed. That's our promise.

What happens if I have any other questions?

Having questions and an inquisitive mind is a great trader characteristic. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you need by clicking the chat box icon on the bottom right of this page.  Our live agents will help you right away, but if they are away from the desk please leave us as much information as you can and we will respond to you within 24 hours, but usually much faster.

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This membership has helped 100s of thousands of people like YOU become better traders! Come see what the excitement is all about in our community.

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