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Transforming individuals into profitable traders, and providing a community of professionals for constant growth.
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Professional Traders

Our team members are professionals who actively trade daily.

Team Environment

Trade with a team of success driven individuals in common pursuit.

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Programs are crafted with excellence and institutional grade training.

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All packages are backed by a 14 day satisfaction guarantee.

TRADEPRO Academy History

The journey of our constant pursuit for excellence.

Our Passionate Team

Unwavering commitment to help you succeed.

George Papazov

I have been trading since 2001. After a successful career as a trader in a top six bank in Canada I decided to pursue my passion of educating others how to achieve financial freedom, while continuing to trade myself. Teaching and trading is my dream life.  I am also the author of the best-selling book “Path to Profit”, and a proud father and husband.

George Papazov

CEO & Founder

I have been trading for over 4 years in options and futures markets and was one of the early students at TRADEPRO Academy. I head up the options desk and craft the daily and weekly newsletters.

Victorio Stefanov

Options & Futures Trader

Stephen Box has been with TPA since 2017 and specializes in trading oil. He started trading commodity futures in 1987 and has over thirty years’ experience with many different types of instruments in multiple markets. He is an active trader and performance coach.

Stephen Box

Oil Desk Manager & Coach

I have been trading FOREX (currencies) for over 5 years, and worked at a big six bank in Canada on the currency desk. In 2018 I quit my full time job in the bank to trade full time. I head up the FX desk and send the weekly currency reports.

Mark Borszcz

Currency & Futures Trader

I am responsible for helping you succeed and answering any questions that may come up as you go through your journey to successful trading. I’m also the smiling face of our live chat. I am here for you and I look forward to meeting you.

Donna Dayuday

Customer Success Manager

David started as a student, and quickly became one of the most successful ever. He now leads the live trading room during the London open hours.

David Pagan

Futures Trader & Room Moderator

Justin is a part-time intern and futures trader, fresh out of high school and choosing to pursue his dreams of becoming a full-time trader early on in his career. He loves trading while jamming out to the latest hip-hop music.

Justin Cook

Intern & Futures Trader

Coco would be found sleeping by Stephen’s side in Atlanta, and would occasionally wake up for a sneeze or cough on the daily webinars to remind us to keep our risk tight and to be disciplined. We will continue to manage risk and make you proud. We love you Coco, and you will always be remembered by our entire community.

Coco – In Loving Memory

Risk Manager

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