Our Mission

“Empowering great minds to achieve their dreams”

Founded in 2012


Professional Traders

Our trading educators are former institutional traders and industry professionals who actively trade on a daily basis.

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Long Term Success

Our training is crafted to help you succeed in trading as a career; with focus on risk management, strategy and trading plan development.

Community Focus

Connect and interact with consistent traders around the globe, in common pursuit of learning and earning in a team environment.

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Satisfaction Driven

All training and subscription services are backed by a full guarantee. Our training creates success stories in our live trading room on a daily basis.


Industry Recognized

We are known globally as a training company that teaches the reality of trading and are trusted partners with the industry leaders in our business.

Note from founder

“ Success is a choice, it is not luck or coincidence. In life we have 86,400 seconds every day – and the reward comes to those that choose to invest them wisely. “

In 2009 I was on the trading desk and saw clients’ profits from years of investing evaporate in the span of just weeks. Complacency was at an all time high, along with the stock market. Amongst all the panic ridden phone calls, I got my true calling. I saw two choices in front of me. To either just stand there waiting for someone to do something, or do it myself. Choosing the latter was a milestone moment in my life.

Ten years later, this inspiration is still the reason I wake up every morning with the passion to keep doing the work I was meant to do.

Teaching YOU how to be successful in trading is my life’s work.

You know that a magic pill for instant success DOES NOT exist. You know that it will take hard work and commitment. You know the difference between marketing and reality.

Our business is designed to teach action takers how to succeed in trading. We teach you how to fish, and how to build a sustainable long term career in trading.

You are joining a team of high performance individuals, working together to generate the income to accomplish their wildest dreams. People just like YOU.

You have found your home.

I look forward to working with you and helping you reach the new highs you are after.

Our Vision

A world where people don’t have to worry about money, and instead can focus on creating what they are most passionate about.

Our History

Growth Booster


The passion for what will become TRADEPRO Academy is sparked. Online blog launched by George focusing on trading education.

Tradepro Academy Team Meeting


First training was held live with a group of traders.

options straddle Overview


Options trading education and newsletter launches.

Buy Imbalance Chart


Futures order flow day trading course is launched.

Quit Job Strat Trade


George quits his six figure salary job in the trading department and launches the live room

Brain Storming For Trading


Trading psychology course launched,based on the advanced principle of Neuro Linguistic Porgramming (NLP).

student attending Course


Launched options order flow training and room based on principles used by institutional traders.

Tradepro Academy Trading Room

2021 & Beyond

Continuing to pioneer and innovate in the trading industry, with a  relentless pursuit of excellence.

Our Passionate Team

Traders and Instructors: 80+ Years of Expertise

Victorio Stefanov
I have been trading for over 7 years in options and futures markets and was one of the early students at TRADEPRO AcademyTM. I head up the trading content and operation of the business, as well moderating the daily futures trading room alongside Fady.

Victorio Stefanov

Chief Trading Officer - Futures & Options
Stephen Box
I have been with TPA since 2017 and specialize in trading oil. I started trading commodity futures in 1987 and have over thirty years’ experience with many different types of instruments in multiple markets. I am an active trader and performance coach.

Stephen Box

Oil Desk Manager & Coach
George Papazov
I have been trading since 2001. After a successful career as a trader in a top six bank in Canada I decided to pursue my passion of educating others how to achieve financial freedom, while continuing to trade myself. Teaching and trading is my dream life.  I am also the author of the best-selling book “Path to Profit”, and a proud father and husband.

George Papazov

Founder & CEO


I am responsible for helping you succeed and answering any questions that may come up as you go through your journey to successful trading. I’m also the smiling face of our live chat. I am here for you and I look forward to meeting you.

Donna Dayuday

Customer Success Manager
Shafiqul Islam
I am a WordPress developer and SEO ninja by day and night.  I work around the clock with my team to support the website, and constantly looking for ways to improve your user experience. In my spare time, I love watching A LOT of movies, and sleeping 3 hours a day to make it happen!

Shafiqul Islam

Web Developer & Admin
Puppy Dog
Coco would be found sleeping by Stephen’s side in Atlanta, and would occasionally wake up for a sneeze or cough on the daily webinars to remind us to keep our risk tight and to be disciplined. We will continue to manage risk and make you proud. We love you Coco, and you will always be remembered by our entire community.

Coco - In Loving Memory

Risk Manager

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