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TRADEPRO Academy LLC was founded to transform individuals into trading professionals by providing premium education, tools and the learning environment necessary to achieve financial success.

About TRADEPRO Academy


The vision for TRADEPRO Academy started a decade before the company was founded. Trading was our founder’s dream.  After reading dozens of trading books and spending countless hours learning the markets inside and out, the journey started with a few thousand dollars of trading capital and wild ambition.

In 2012, TRADEPRO Academy was founded to transform individuals into trading professionals by providing premium education, tools and the learning environment necessary to achieve financial success.


TRADEPRO Academy actively pursues the passionate goal of making stock trading accessible to anyone with the desire to learn.

Our reason for existence is to teach the seemingly complex field of security analysis through a graduated approach to maximize your comprehension.

We are not just an educational source, we are also practitioners, providing the ideal blend of theory and application to increase your understanding and help pave the road for your trading success.


The TRADEPRO Academy philosophy to maximize your learning and retention follows a recurring, four step model .

  1. EDUCATION – Learn the theories and concepts that power the markets.
  2. SIMULATION – Demo trade in a risk free environment so you learn while protecting your capital.
  3. INVESTIGATION – Analyze your results and identify your common pitfalls and errors.
  4. APPLICATION – You’ve planned your trades, now trade your plan.  This is where the
    rubber meets the road!  However, the process doesn’t stop here as you need to continually
    expand your knowledge, closing the loop on our model.


We look forward to executing on our promise to provide the most accessible and effective trader training available.

At TRADEPRO Academy we are committed to:

  1. Superior education content designed to maximize your understanding and comprehension
  2. Learning environment conducive to achieving positive results
  3. Professional instructors with a proven trading track record and passion for teaching
  4. Access to state of the art conferencing technology with a strong reliability record
  5. Opportunity to interact and ask questions and obtain timely and relevant answers
  6. Work tirelessly to provide education which will serve your best interest as a student

Your satisfaction is our primary concern and our only measurement of success.

Our Team


George Papazov

Founder and Owner
Professional Trader

George Papazov started trading in his teenage years, fueled by his father’s inspiration and propelled by the desire to achieve his wildest dreams.

As a teenager he designed and implemented a foreign exchange (FOREX) strategy which generated over 50% annualized returns, beating the Barclay’s Currency Trader Index for 5 consecutive years.

After finishing his degree in financial planning, George worked as a trader in one of the top six banks in Canada for over 5 years.  He gained invaluable experience and insights into market psychology, trading technology, order flow management and was then hired to train thousands of financial advisers on investment strategies.

In 2012, George started TRADEPRO Academy LLC with the ambition to educate and empower individuals to become successful traders.

Since then, the business has evolved to be the premier training and development platform for traders.

George still earns his primary income from trading options and futures using the same methods taught in our courses.


Hi, I’m Victorio, Junior Trader (Futures, Options)

I have been successfully trading futures for nearly a year now and want to help you achieve financial freedom!

I met George some 4 years ago and started off trading options, he helped me figure out what my goals and values were, and I continued to trade going into college. I am still a college student that trades live! I have a background in both options and futures, but focus on futures trading, I will be running the evening trading room and hope to see you all there.

Mark Borszcz

Hi, my name is Mark, Junior Trader (Futures, FOREX)

I have been trading FOREX (currencies) for over 5 years, and worked at a big six bank in Canada on the currency desk.

In 2018 I quit my full time job in the bank to pursue a career as a full time derivatives and currency trader. As a junior trader at TRADEPRO Academy, I can help you with various topics on market structure, trading strategies and anything else you need help with. I look forward to chatting with you.


Hi, my name is Donna, I am your Customer Success Manager .

I am responsible for helping you succeed and answering any questions that may come up as you go through your journey to successful trading.

I am also in charge of helping you through our live chats and email.  I am focused and committed to helping you succeed.

If you have any questions you can hit the live chat button at the bottom right or send me an email at support@tradeproacademy.com.

Our Office

Our corporate head office is located at:

500 Queens Quay West, Suite 103E.
Toronto, Ontario

Telephone: 1-866-8TRADE8  (887-2338)

No walk-ins, please contact us via email to schedule an appointment.

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