Best Futures Trading Platform – Reviewing the Top 2 Options

When it comes time to futures trading, the results will be directly correlated to the capabilities of your trading software.

Now that does not mean that getting the best futures trading platform on the planet will make you a good trader.

However, to be a good trader you want to use one of the best futures trading platform choices in this review.

At minimum, you will want to have access to software that has reliable charting, advanced order management and order flow analytics.

You will notice a big difference between having a professional futures trading platform and any other software that is retail trader focused.

In this article I will focus on the best options for two budget types.


Best Futures Trading Platform #1 – $200 USD Monthly Budget – Market Delta / CQG Integrated Client

This is by far my favorite and the best futures trading platform.

Market Delta is the company that invented the extremely helpful footprint charts. I personally would not trade without them (successfully at least).

A few years ago Market Delta moved their platform to CQG – one of the older technical charting platforms in the industry.

CQG has been around since 1980.  This software is an institutional professional trader grade offering.

You will find CQG on the desk of most proprietary trading companies around the world.

With Market Delta, you get access to the footprint chart AND an institutional trading software in one.

You pay one low monthly price for the best futures trading platform in the business.


Best Futures Trading Platform – Market Delta Configuration

The tools that are available are vast, and you can easily customize the software to your liking and needs.

I have attached a screen shot of my setup on Market Delta.

As a reminder, all of our day trader and ELITE subscribers get full access to this template.

You get access to an out of the box professional day trader setup.  It is the type of setup that you will find at professional companies.

Each one of these panels has a specific purpose and use. In our day trading course you will learn the full detail and how to apply it for consistent profitability.


Best Futures Trading Platform – Market Delta Cost

Professional products tend to be priced in the higher side of the range.

Market Delta costs $199 USD a month, but you get the live data feed included.

Therefore, this is an all in monthly price. Nothing more is required, other than a futures broker.

If you are thinking that is expensive, here is the reality.

A professional trader platform will run you upward of $600 USD monthly, some as high as $2,000.

Market Delta comes with a FREE 14 day trial, and our subscribed members get an extended trial of 30 days.

This will allow you to test drive the best futures trading platform for a full month.


Best Futures Trading Platform #2 – $60 USD Monthly Budget – Sierra Charts

If you are just starting out with day trading futures and want to keep the budget tight, Sierra Charts is the best futures trading platform for you.

Sierra Charts has been around for a very long time.

However, they have invested a significant amount of money in providing the same tools as Market Delta in the last few years.

You can now get access to professional grade technology at a low monthly cost.

Sierra Charts also offers a free 14 day trial.


Best Futures Trading Platform – Sierra Charts Configuration

I have configured Sierra charts to look very similar to Market Delta.

Current day trader subscribers get access to our newest and latest configuration files.

You can set this platform up and have it running for under $60 USD a month!

This is a big benefit and advantage to traders operating on a lower budget.


Best Futures Trading Platform – Sierra Charts Differences

By initial looks, you might be thinking the two platforms are similar.  This is true, however there are also major differences.

Sierra Charts requires constant tweaking and modification, and it sometimes does not operate as smoothly and reliably.

I have had days when I would launch the platform and the data feed was frozen.

A simple reset fixed that, however, it cost me valuable time in the market open action.

Overall, Sierra charts has a lot more options to customize and tweak.

This can both be an advantage and a pain, depending on your patience and technological savvy.

At the same time, this is why the platform is just a fraction of the cost.

On the upside, Sierra Charts has a lot more options to customize advanced orders.

You can program Sierra to take profit at a certain level, then shift the remainder of the stop to a trail until closed.

There are a lot of options, which could also get overwhelming.


Best Futures Trading Platform – Which One is Best for  You?

The truth is there is no such thing as the one best futures trading platform, only the best for YOU.

How do you choose over Market Delta and Sierra?

If you are on a tighter budget, the choice is pretty simple.

However, if you can squeeze either platform in the budget Market Delta is the more stable, professional solution.

At the end of the day, the best way to settle the score is to try them both for 14 days each and make a decision.

Both are the best futures trading plaform for different reasons.

By taking them both for a test pilot you can find the best for you.


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