Best Options Trading Book

When it comes time to reading trading books I am very selective and have a high standard.

There are few books I absolutely recommend owning.  Most information you find in books is easily accessible online for free.

However, when it comes time to the best options trading book, this is hands down a must-own.

Take it from me, someone who has been trading options for over 12 years.


Best Options Trading Book – Why I Love this Book

This book is subtitled as the guide for “advanced trading strategies and techniques”.  It sure does live up to the name.

You will find all of the detailed information you ever need to learn options trading in text format.

It starts with an introduction to the options market, settlement procedures and how options are priced.

From there it picks up to explain advanced pricing models, their limitations and uses.

By the time you hit chapter 6, you will start to understand options volatility on a very, very deep level.

Overall, this book is the bible to any professional options trader. In fact, many professional options traders have this handy on their desk for reference.

I have my copy right beside my trading workstation for ease of access!


Best Options Trading Book – Breaking Down the Contents

First I want to make sure you get the right book, so here is the title cover below.


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Option Volatility & Pricing Book – Best Options Trading Book


Chapter Breakdown:

  1. Financial Contracts
  2. Forward Pricing
  3. Contract Specifications and Option Terminology
  4. Expiration Profit and Loss
  5. Theoretical Pricing Models
  6. Volatility (my favorite chapter)
  7. Risk Measurement I
  8. Dynamic Hedging
  9. Risk Measurement II
  10. Introduction to Spreading
  11. Volatility Spreads
  12. Bull and Bear Spreads
  13. Risk Considerations
  14. Synthetics
  15. Option Arbitrage
  16. Early Exercise of American Options
  17. Hedging with Options
  18. The Black-Scholes Model
  19. Binomial Option Pricing
  20. Volatility Revisited
  21. Position Analysis
  22. Stock Index Futures and Options
  23. Models and the Real World
  24. Volatility Skews
  25. Volatility Contracts


Best Options Trading Book – Conclusion

The entire book is 570 pages long.  While it is no easy read, I am not quite sure it is meant to be read cover to cover in one go.

Therefore, I would suggest reading the pricing and volatility chapters first.

From there you can expand your knowledge by different strategies.  Once you learn a strategy, I highly recommend trying to implement it in a simulate account so you can gain the practical knowledge to go along with the theory.

At the end of the day, as an options trader your job is to make money – not just understand how it is possible to do so.

Once you purchase this book you will have access to very powerful insight and information.

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