First Month of our Live Trading Room for only $49

PLUS bonus live psychology course!

join a successful team of traders

Futures Live Trading Room

A daily webinar where we show all of our analysis, trades and execution right on the DOM to the community!  

70% of our live capital traders are profitable on a daily basis.

Based on a daily poll.

Live Broadcast

Victorio, our head trader, shares his analysis, trades and overall market conditions to time high probability entries.

Real Trades on DOM

Victorio keeps his live trading account DOM on the screen at all times - you can see exactly what he does and when.

Daily Education & Interaction

You're not only seeing what trades we are doing, but also learning in real time how to apply order flow. Fully interactive room.

not just any trading room..

The Trading Room to Get YOU to YOUR GOALS!

We are a tight-knit community of succesful traders at all stages of the journey.  From beginners, to intermediate traders and professionals, we share our analysis and trade ideas around the clock.  Our community is live 24/7 on the webinars, private discord channels and more.  See for yourself what it feels like to FINALLY be on a WINNING TEAM.

trading is about the operator as much as it is about the strategy

BONUS 3 Day Live Psychology Course

Trading psychology is most often the REAL turning point for any trader.  We think strategy and technical details are most crucial, but how our mindset is conditioned to execute these details is the real game changer.  You'll be shocked when you discover the root psychology causes for your losses - and even more shocked when you find out how simple it is to fix them. It's all about doing the right things at the right stage of your path.

“After blowing several accounts, I found TPA. Victorio's strategy, the podcast and psychology course have helped me finally take my trading to the next level. Thank you team, can't believe I almost quit before finding you guys.”

Paul D

Trading Room & Discord Member


What you will learn in this live webinar series:

  • Why Traders Lose & Solutions (Self-Sabotage Cycle, common problems traders face, the 2 different parts of the brain)
  • What makes a great trader (Trading Edges & Strategies)
  • Exercises, guides and actionable steps to helping you stay consistent
  • Pinpointing YOUR personal struggles (Psych & Trading Solutions)
  • Creating the Trade Plan, Edge & Review
  • Scaling plan & revival
  • & A LOT MORE!

Join Us at the Best Price  You'll Ever See!

You get the trading room for the 1st month for only $49 USD + a 3 day live psychology course to help you become the unstoppable trader YOU know you are capable of being. 

We'll be taking down this offer after Black Friday - so take advantage NOW!

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