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TradingView: The Best Charting Platform in the Industry?

I remember being introduced to TradingView by none other than our head trader George back in 2012. I was using MetaTrader 4 to perform my technical analysis back in those [...]

Pattern Day Trader Rule: How It Affects Stock Traders with Small Accounts

Are you a new trader looking to start day trading stocks? Do you have less than $25,000 of capital to start trading with? If you're in this boat, the PDT [...]

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Our Three Favorite Stock Market Apps for Traders on the Go!

Stock Market Apps - Introduction If you had to take a guess, how long would you say you look at your smartphone every day? What did you guess? 2 hours? [...]

Bollinger Bands: How to Trade Them Like a Pro!

Bollinger Bands - Introduction John Bollinger - Creator of Bollinger Bands Bollinger Bands are a type of technical indicator developed and copyrighted by world renown technical trader John Bollinger in [...]

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The Forex Trader’s Guide to Profiting from Price Action Trading

Price Action Trading - Introduction The majority of consistently profitable forex traders make their money in the markets utilizing price action trading. Retail newbies, in their oblivion, tend to overcomplicate [...]

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Gravestone Doji – Learn to Spot Bearish Reversals Early

Gravestone Doji Pattern - Introduction The gravestone doji is a rare bearish pattern in the field of technical analysis. It consists of a single candlestick and is referred to as [...]

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Trading Journal: How to Track Your Trades to Optimize Your Performance

Trading Journal - Introduction We don't know of a single successful trader that doesn't keep a trading journal. There is a reason why successful businesses keep detailed records! They use [...]

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Dragonfly Doji Pattern – Learn to Spot Bullish Reversals Early

Dragonfly Doji Pattern - Introduction The dragonfly doji is a candlestick pattern in the field of technical analysis. This pattern consists of a single candlestick and is known as a [...]

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Crude Oil Inventory – The Weekly Report that Oil Speculators Must Trade!

Crude Oil Inventory - Introduction Crude Oil futures are some of the most popular and liquid instruments available to day traders. As one of our favorite markets to trade, our [...]

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Stopped Out Again? How to Avoid Falling Victim to Stop Raids

Introduction One of the most common frustrations that losing traders face in the markets is getting stopped out of a good trade. Imagine performing your analysis and then executing a [...]

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