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New all-time highs. The Feds up in arms and everyone’s confused, Recession or Growth?

The FOMC meeting was the center of attention in the news wire this week and equities were already riding the highs of a no hike expectation. The bullishness came in [...]

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Economic data deteriorates as Rate Cuts become the center of attention in the US.

Equity markets rally this week, over 150 points on the S&P 500 E-mini futures, and over 4% on other equity markets such as the Dow Jones, ES and just under [...]

Trade war at it again, China and Mexico involved as yields flatten.

Memorial Day this past Monday led to a shorter trading week, which ultimately ended to the downside as more geopolitical news came out. Xi and Trump are set to meet [...]

Trade Tensions firm up as Economic worries increase!

This past week equities markets took a strong beating as trade tensions between the US and China grew and loomed over market fear. Tech was the headliner this week for [...]

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The Trade Deal continues to be the focus of equity market. What does the future hold for US/China talks for the end of 2019.

Trade talks hit the market this week as well after a trade talk-intensive week. US and China at each other's throat as the market opened up strong to begin the [...]

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Equities slip on China trade talk news, CME introduces E-Micro equity futures!

Trump and Xi make the news yet again as trade talks take the US equity markets by storm throughout the whole week. Weakness Ana fear strikes the market early on [...]

Buyer absorption in US equities as Hawkish Fed reports.

A turbulent week in US equities as earnings season kept up, we had the turn of the new month, all-time highs in equities, FOMC statement came out and more. Nasdaq [...]

Risk-off and Risk-on Assets End on a High Note!

After a strong start to the week, US equities took a midweek slump only to test all-time highs into the Friday, April 26th close! Earnings reports this week were the [...]

US markets hit resistance as global data worries and debt makes a comback!

US indices start the weak on a lower note as bank earnings out of America missed expectations mainly Citi and Goldman. The moves throughout the week were stagnant in the [...]

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S&P 500 Futures break 2900 on China news as trade talks continue.

2900 on ES futures breaks! It's been a long time coming, several tests of the 2900 level, tick by tick, but no luck breaking. Finally overnight, early Friday morning the [...]

S&P 500 up SEVEN days in a row as global growth shows signs of recovery! All time highs in equities?

Equities move higher this week as S&P 500 moves higher for the seventh consecutive session. PMI readings out of China and Europe throughout the sooth investor anxiety developed from the [...]

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US Economic data weakens while LYFT IPO’s.

Resistance breaks on equities this week as stocks move up. There was volatility throughout the week with near 30 point swings on the S&P 500. To add to volatility, Brexit [...]

Dovish Fed presses markets lower? What is the US economic outlook?

Everyone was screaming all-time highs at the beginning of the week into pretty much the end. Then came Friday. The Federal Reserve helped the upside with the super-dovish stance. All [...]

Markets rally, and how! While Boeing makes headlines yet again…

Markets rally, and how! While Boeing makes headlines yet again... Upward and onward to new 2019 highs. US markets get taken over by the bull, upside came out on strong [...]