Stock Market Jobs-Finding your dream career

The Stock Market is vast, and in that requires many different people with a variety of skill sets to operate. There are many different jobs one can look into when trying to work around the Stock Market. In this article, TRADEPRO Academy will dive into the top 6 jobs in the Stock Market that could interest you!

Whether you want to be a Sales Agent (Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services), a Personal Financial Advisor, a Financial Manager, a Financial Analyst, a Stock Broker or a Trader; the sub-categories within these branches are endless. The following paragraphs will give you a little taste of what its like to work in a Stock Market environment.

Stock Market Jobs-Sales Agent

A sales agent in the stock market is someone who, sells securities, commodities and other financial services. This is a broad job description as a sales agent can sell to individuals, whether retailers or not. A sales agent can even be referred to as an investment broker. An investment brokers job is to work closely with businesses and find potential investors for those businesses to fund projects and other operations.

Role-Sales Agent

The role of the sales agent is unique in a way that they must be good at selling but also have a diverse financial background. Its important to know what you are selling if you want to make a convincing argument as to why a buyer should buy from you.

Its common for sales agents to have training and licensing in the selling of stocks, limited partnerships, bonds and even insurance vehicles. Sales agents work closely to the buyers and look to negotiate the best deal for the buyer. In doing so they earn a commission.

This means its important for a sales agent to develop their interpersonal skills to be able to form solid, trusting relationships.

Stock Market Jobs-Personal Financial Advisor

The personal financial advisor works closely with clients, to provide insight and guidance as to how they should proceed with their finances. This role involves a more financial planning centered background. As you will be required to mitigate a customers current finances, and continue to do so as long as their your client. This includes watching their income, expenses, investment portfolio (securities or real estate) closely. Along with helping customers plan for their futures. This includes retirement planning, potential schooling planning for kids and or grandchildren.

If you want to be a personal financial advisor, you will have to have a broad spectrum on knowledge and skill in a variety of fields. This includes, tax planning, insurance, the market (stocks and bonds) and banking.

Role-Personal Financial Advisor

A vital role the personal financial advisor is entrusted with is the expansion of investments. For this to work out, you will have to be well versed in all things stock market. Investing for a client requires extensive market research. The personal financial advisor will have to accommodate to their clients needs and risk tolerance. For example if their client is very risk averse and edging towards retirement. A personal financial advisors job is to retain the clients capital. That involves investing in low risk securities such as bonds, or utility stocks.

The overall goal of the personal financial advisor is to meet a clients personal financial goals. That means, market versatility and knowledge.

Stock Market Jobs-Financial Manager

A financial manager is a person who manages a companies finances. Someone who is market competent and knowledgeable in company operations.

Role-Financial Manager

When looking to become a financial manager, you should be aware that you will be responsible for monitoring the company’s financial health, while managing budgets, written reports and financial goals. The financial manager often meets with executives to plan out the companies financial goals. This means that they are also responsible for employees, and making sure they help meet the company’s financial goals.

The financial managers job relates to the stock market in several ways. They look into potential company investments and create recommendations. This involves company analysis, industry analysis and more. An investment opportunity may arise in a stock, bond or even a company. All of this done through stock market knowledge.

Stock Market Jobs-Financial Analyst

Financial analysts are very closely tied to the stock market. A financial analyst is a research specialist. They dive into a company’s stock, and or their sector. The financial analysts job is to value a company based on their stock for a potential investment. Whether the company is a hard buy or a hard sell, and anything in between. They often work for banks, insurance companies, stock brokerages or any other financial service company.

Role-Financial Analyst

The main goal of the financial analyst is to project stock performance relative to a benchmark and the current stocks worth. This is done through fundamental analysis where the financial analyst might take a top down or bottom up approach. Along with looking at multiple factors, global events, sector trends, company management and how the stock compares to others in its industry.

The financial analyst may have some overlap with the financial advisor but it is worth noting that the financial analyst is more geared towards investment analysis and investment recommendations. Financial analysts can work for both companies and individuals. Taking into account their clients risk tolerance they will make investment recommendations that meat their goals.

Stock Market Jobs-Stock Broker

A Stock broker job is very intertwined in the stock market. A stock broker is defined as ” any person who is engaged in the business of effecting transaction in securities for the account of others.” As degined by the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission.

The first thing that might pop into ones head when they hear “stock broker” is the Wolf of Wall street. Well you wouldn’t be that far off. Not the partying, the actual job that Jordan Belfort did. Not lie, but actually connect people with the market.

Role-Stock Broker

The general job of the broker is to quote the market to clients and take orders. If a client likes a quote they hear, the broker will buy X amount of shares on the clients behalf.

These individuals typically work in brokerage firms, even though an individual themselves can be a broker. The broker buys and sells securities to retail and institutional clients. Compensation can come in fee form or in commission.

The stock broker is connected to the market at all times and knows what’s going. It’s not necessarily the brokers job to read the market and provide investment analysis. They work as an intermediary between clients and the market.

Stock Market Jobs-Trader

A trader is defined in many ways. A trader is someone who trades markets for a profit. Either retail or institutional. There are a plethora of different traders out there, as there are so many different markets. A trader trades either longer term swing trade positions (not investing) or day trading positions.

The types of traders are not limited to stocks, bonds, options, futures, FX. There are more traders out there. Some may even do both swing trading and day trading. That is where the TRADEPRO’s come in. A group of retail traders that come together to trade in a community for profit.


Traders can be employed by larger institutions such as proprietary firms. Or for that matter, regular trading desks within financial institutions. Not to be confused with “traders” in banking institutions that are closer connected with brokers. In the sense that they take client trades and fulfill them.

A trader, depending on what they trade may look into technical analysis, fundamental analysis or both. For example a longer term equities swing trader that trades options and stocks will be more inclined to look at fundamentals, and even technicals. While a futures day trader is much more inclined to look at technicals and potential news that comes out that could move the markets. This stock market job requires almost constant surveillance of the markets. Because of that a trader is very market fluent.

Final thoughts

There are many careers that one might pursue when looking to work closely to the stock market. We’re outlined the top 6 that we think are the give everyone a well rounded general idea of the career possibilities. The jobs in the stock market are unique as saw above. From financial planning to trading and everything in between.


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