Micro E-mini Futures Introduction: Stepping stone for retail traders.

E-mini Micro Equity futures: Welcome Retailers Futures trading has been an area of high interest for all market speculators. The capital and risk profile has been scaring people away. Pushing them into lower capital requirement [...]

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Gravestone Doji – Learn to Spot Bearish Reversals Early

Gravestone Doji Pattern - Introduction The gravestone doji is a rare bearish pattern in the field of technical analysis. It consists of a single candlestick and is referred to as a "gravestone" doji in Japanese [...]

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Trading Account: How much money do you need?

Trading Account: How much money do you need? Is the need for capital stopping you from chasing your trading dreams? Do you believe that you need tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands to trade [...]

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Trading Journal: How to Track Your Trades to Optimize Your Performance

Trading Journal - Introduction We don't know of a single successful trader that doesn't keep a trading journal. There is a reason why successful businesses keep detailed records! They use the data to analyze and [...]

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