The Doves have been let loose and metals are likely the asset of the year!

We near high yet again in US equity as Treasury yields have stalled near bottoms for the time being. The S&P 500 and other Us equity markets have crashed above the resistance of the range [...]

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Yield curve inversion, is this the beginning of the recession?

What happened this week in the market? It was like an overflow of fear and global uncertainty. Interest rates plunged, yields inverted, trade news galore and chop fest in intraday price action. Volatility in the [...]

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The US-China Trade War: An up to date timeline of the key events in 2018-19

This trade war began nearly a decade ago, just about before Trump ran for president he tweeted “China is neither an ally or a friend- they want to beat us and own our country”. This [...]

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First rate cut in over a decade and more tariffs, US equities PLUNGE.

Headlines from both macro and corporate levels rocked markets and investors this past week as US equities slumped from their all time highs. Increased global and economic uncertainties brought fear selling in the S&P 500, [...]

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Monthly Market & Economic Forecast-July to August 2019

The month of July is over and a lot has happened from the first week, news-driven market movers have riddled the markets. The S&P 500 futures market opened at 2979.25 and closed at 2973.50. Down [...]

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Fed Money Printing continues, OPEC to pump oil prices higher.

The week ahead of the Fed cut is over and equities continue to print highs. Earnings continued to flood out this past week and many companies managed to slay earnings adding to the bull side [...]

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Rate cut teasing can’t save this market, US equities SLIP.

Stock markets fell mid-week as focus shifted from rate cut expectations towards the earnings season. US equities dropped over stalling trade talks and the increase of uncertainty, and as President Trump taunted China over its [...]

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Huge Crude Draw, OPEC smiling. Central Banks take over markets.

Markets rally into all-time highs, equities across the board. S&P 500 futures manage to break the large inventory at 3015 and high ticked the 3018 level, the new intraday high. While Nasdaq managed to climb [...]

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US Equities on all-time highs, Risk off on all-time highs and Fed cuts, what’s in store for the US?

Is this a bubble? We have just experienced the US equity market cruise through all-time highs as their inverse correlations, the risk off market, rallied significantly. Theoretically, inverse correlations move, well, the inverse of each [...]

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