How to use Finviz, the powerful stock screener.

Finviz is a powerful stock screener that is available online, for free or on a subscription basis. It can be found here! The website is not limited to their screener as they have many other functions. [...]

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The Iron Condor-Ultimate Summer Strategy

Summer is fast approaching and traders know what that means...lower volatility. Markets slow during the summer, why is that? Institutional investors leave their desks and stop moving large volume. That is why the iron condor [...]

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Dovish Fed presses markets lower? What is the US economic outlook?

Everyone was screaming all-time highs at the beginning of the week into pretty much the end. Then came Friday. The Federal Reserve helped the upside with the super-dovish stance. All of the early week upside [...]

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Institutional buying floods markets while GDP outlook falls.

Institutional buying floods markets while GDP outlook falls. US equity markets continue to press higher to close above the 2800 level on the S&P 500 into Friday's close. There was a lot of sideways movement [...]

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The Forex Trader’s Guide to Profiting from Price Action Trading

Price Action Trading - Introduction The majority of consistently profitable forex traders make their money in the markets utilizing price action trading. Retail newbies, in their oblivion, tend to overcomplicate things. It's not completely their [...]

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