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Technical Analysis

Back to the negotiation table, Xi and Trump meet at the G20 and the Fed watches economic data.

2020-09-30T06:02:38-04:00By |

Optimism engulfed the US equity market over the past week in anticipation of the G20, mainly the meeting between Trump and Xi, surprise surprise the [...]

Micro E-mini Futures Introduction: Stepping stone for retail traders.

2019-08-07T12:22:25-04:00By |

E-mini Micro Equity futures: Welcome Retailers Futures trading has been an area of high interest for all market speculators. The capital and risk profile has [...]

How to use the correlation coefficient to build a diverse portfolio.

2019-05-13T13:53:39-04:00By |

The correlation coefficient measures the correlation between two assets. It is a statistical measure between the two asset variables that ranges between -1.0 and 1.0. [...]

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