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Professional Day Trader Program

All courses below included in PRO monthly package.


Learn to day trade using advanced order flow tools used at proprietary firms. Trading checklists, pro software and daily live trading room. 


Learn to trade stocks and the basics of options using technical analysis. Completely new? This is the course for you.


Learn advanced options strategies to help you take advantage of any market condition. Includes our popular strategy selector.


Learn how to trade the currency market like the smart money at the big banks.  In this course you will learn the foundations of forex and two powerful strategies. 

Day Trading Resources Included in Membership

Your Roadmap to Consistent Day Trading

Our structured trading program transitions you through the necessary steps to hit consistency.

#1 Complete the Day Trader Program

Success begins by acquiring the right information.  Completing our Day Trader Certification program arms you with the same strategies and tactics as an institutional trader.

#2 Surround Yourself with PROs

Success begins by acquiring the right information.  professional traders you have to trade with them. Our trading room is full of traders you can learn from, who have walked the path in front of you.

#3 Start Demo Trading

Before you risk live capital, you need to master the traits of executing each trade, managing the risk and staying consistent. This takes practice.  Our Phoenix System is a structured 5 week preparation plan.

#4 The $100 Daily Goal

Trade small to master the emotions that go with live trading. Once you hit the daily $100 goal, you are ready to scale up. You will only risk $100 daily during this phase.

#5 - The $200 Daily Goal

As you build experience and confidence, you can increase your position size until you reach the comfort phase again.

#6 Constant Growth

You will always be growing, learning and pushing yourself as a trader. Your account grows as you grow.  Super-charge that growth in our daily live trading community.

Professional Day Trading Order Flow Analysis

Use the same tools as proprietary traders to get the edge over the retail market.

Learn the tools you’ve never heard about, because they work.

Benefits of a Trading Community

Traders at institutions work together in a collaborative setting.

  • PRO Trades & Analysis

    Imagine being able to see trades of a successful trader and their explanation on why they took the position?

  • Multiple Markets

    Having experts on different products helps to gain invaluable insight on market internals and sentiment for your trades.

  • Accountability Partner

    Trading discipline is strengthened when you have like-minded traders to keep you accountable to yourself, your strategy and goals.

  • Member Support

    Access our collective group knowledge for tips, tricks and assistance. We learn and earn together.

What Our TRADEPRO's Are Saying

Inspirational stories from the Swing Trader family.

Hi Master George, ... what have you done to me ?

Eheh just joking, but seriously something happened_ ;-)

Your course is being a total shock for me, and it is changing my psychology so much and i have become kind of Addicted. By going back to reading and re-reading the Psychological course and the Future Day Trading course. The Psychology course and Future Course, are a MASTER PIECE.

The Psychology course took me eventually 3 weeks ago, to a trip to Pune India, wanting to know more about mind conditioning, lizard brain, unconscious etc _-

This email is a Big Thank you to you.

For the first time in my life i have realised that Trading is really about the correct mindset_

Always traded long term strategies on MT4/5 -Fx Daily charts, after taking few courses with so-called gurus,

only to find out as you say, that "times means nothing",

Also lost profitable trades with Long term Daily charts, and so missed chances of collecting the profit when i could, and getting paid when i could.

All the many questions i had, have been answered by spending hours to watch multiple times your videos_

You are certainly a Giant in this Trading Business

Gianni Mbeg

It's truly a blessing to finally come across a course that is actually teaching me the fundamentals of trading. Your a phenomenal teacher. I'm excited about tradepro academy. I'm so thankful & humble to finally have a experience, straightforward, mentor / teacher. Thank you George !! Looking forward to graduation!! Thank you for having a program designed for success!! God Bless TRADEPRO Academy !!

Cameron Gladden

Im actually getting really good at break out trades so far ive been able to average a profit between 120-500 a night in a spand of 3hrs, of course i have losing trades but its not that bad when i put my stop loss about 4-5 ticks down because i can easily make that back in a different trade.I just wanted to say Thank you for that video and even if not much people showed up just know it was extremely helpful and im definitely grateful for it.

P.S. I already feel like a professional and im only on my second week of the phoenix course =)

David Pagan

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Frequently Asked Questions

The course is comprised of 10 videos of about 90 minutes each. Each lesson also has a quiz and some practical assignments.  The total time is different for every person, but it can take 20 to 30 hours on average to complete the course.  The demo trading process then starts and that is a very individual effort which is hard to estimate.

We use Market Delta, and strongly encourage our day traders to do the same. It is a professional platform built on CQG, a software around since the 80s and on most institutional and proprietary trading desks in the world until today.  We provide all of our trading templates and setup for Market Delta/CQG, and our subscribers get an exclusive 30 day extended trial.  There are alternative options to fit various budgets, and our customer success managers can help you decide what’s right for you.

Futures has some of the highest leverage of any product.  This is a great thing for day traders but also dangerous for new traders.

Your broker will require a margin amount to own futures, which is approximately from $500 to $2,500 USD.

Each point you make or lose in the SP500 futures is equivalent to $50 USD.  So theoretically if you are disciplined and manage risk and can make 2 to 3 points a day you can earn between $100 to $150 daily with as little as $500 USD in your account.

However, most traders find the pressure of a low account balance challenging, and we recommend having between $2,500 and $5,000 to start trading 1 contract on the ES.  Even if you have a million dollars to trade with, we still recommend you start with 1 contract.

We are more concerned about helping traders qualify trades and manage risk, so they do not lose, versus estimating how much they can make.  Your individual skill and experience dictates the contract size and profit outcomes.  Your upside is the reward for managing the downside.

All of our packages, including the Day Trader Pro come with access to our Foundations Course, which is geared towards the complete beginner.  It is an extensive course to help you master the basics before moving on to order flow trading and day trading.  Click here for more details on the foundations course.

The Day Trader PRO Development Plan will guide you through these steps gradually.

No matter your experience level, this package will bring you up to speed to the highest day trading standards.

In addition to our extensive futures trading course and development program, you also get access to the following:

  • Live community room – discuss trades and ideas with your peers 24/7
  • Morning market updates – daily at 9AM with news, levels and what to watch for
  • Live trading room – watch analysis, ideas and trades in real time daily from 9:30AM to 11AM EST
  • Weekly market analysis webinars – every Sunday at 8PM EST along with access to replays in archive (analysis, commentary, levels and where professional money is flowing into and out of)
  • Unlimited email and priority member ticket support system

Because you will be getting access to the most premium day trader training available, we do not offer trials of our products.  We price our subscriptions very competitively and they are jam packed with value.

However, we offer a full 100% money back guarantee if you do not like your subscription and request to have it refunded within 14 days of signing up.

No questions asked, no hassle, no BS.

No, there is no contract or commitment period once you sign up.

The services are month to month and can be canceled anytime in your member profile.  There are no cancellation fees or penalties.

We are very transparent and pride ourselves on customer service.  There are no hidden fees or charges.

We do not provide signal services or trade recommendations, so there is no performance to show.  The trading methods in our course are used successfully by professional traders around the world.

Performance is a measure of how accurate a trader executes a plan, how disciplined, patient and diligent they are. For this reason performance is an individual measure and completely useless outside of that context.

But with a risk-free 14 day trial, we encourage you to give our subscription a try and judge for yourself by what you see in our live trading room.

The information contained on this website is solely for educational purposes, and does not constitute investment advice.  The risk of trading in securities markets can be substantial.  You should carefully consider  if engaging in such activity is suitable to your own financial situation.  TRADEPRO Academy is not responsible for any liabilities arising as a result of your market involvement or individual trade activities.  Past performance is not indicative of future results, nor are any trading profits or any degree of success guaranteed.  Trading can lead to partial or full loss of capital.