Futures Trading Crash Course

Do you have:

  • Trouble finding the right direction?
  • Trouble identifying the “Trigger” moment
  • Trouble finding a target, letting trades run
  • Trouble knowing which charts to look at and which charts to trade?

We have exactly what you’re looking for. A crash course that has it all and helps you do it all.

Not a TRADEPRO member yet? We've got your back! As a part of this crash course, you get FREE access to our trading rooms for 1 whole week. That's 1 week of free access to real-time analysis, trade set ups, market updates, and a thriving community of like-minded traders

About the course:

  • 4 days of 2 hour training days
  • Low time commitment
  • All lessons are recorded to rewatch later
  • Inclusive of a live trading session
  • Priced at $997

What you’ll get out of this course:

  • Knowledge of how to read trade levels properly
  • Deep understanding of volume profile
  • Knowledge of how to read real time order flow to understand buying vs selling pressure (DOM trading)
  • Trading larger levels and learning how to hold trades for multi point moves
  • A chance to live trade and develop a trade plan

Ready to Get Started? 

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