Futures Day Trading

Professional Development Program

The biggest mistake failing day traders make is starting to trade unprepared and blowing up their account. This failure creates self-sabotaging patterns that are hard, and often impossible to overcome. It is very important to learn day trading the correct way.

Day trading carries a much higher degree of emotionality. In these fast changing markets, it is critical to have an understanding of the tools institutions and professionals are using. You have to learn how to trade like the professionals, or you will end up going against them.

Follow the smart money

Futures markets are transparent and “lit”, meaning that you can see every single order going through the book. Being able to watch this “order flow” gives you the advantage of seeing what the big money traders are doing and trading with them, as retail traders’ stops are being hit.

There are 3 pillars of order flow trading you need to know:

Auction Theory & Direction

Understanding Auction Theory is a pivotal skill that institutional traders use to identify market direction. You can identify where the market wants to move or where it wants to stay. You can dictate the levels and the areas of movement with high probability. You must understand this to develop a trade plan and identify trading levels.

Tracking Institutional Market Order Movement

The Depth of Market is a vital tool for any futures trader. This is the EPITOME of Order Flow where it all starts, all institutional traders look at this when watching strength or weakness in market movement. You will be able to understand the reaction of buyers/sellers to dictate the next move in the market at TPA.

Finding Stop Loss Runs & Imbalances

By being able to read the DOM, you will understand multiple different patterns present which can result in huge reversals and opportunity. With this tool YOU will learn how to identify where Stop Losses in the market are and when they will be hit. This is a really advanced institutional Order Flow tool that takes advantage of buyer/seller imbalances. Or “stuck traders”.

Order Flow Application Example

This day trade is in the S&P 500 futures market, also called the “ES” after it’s trading symbol.

As you can see below, the buyers are willing to pay higher prices to enter the market. You can see this information by the blue “bid” blocks coming in as the market rallies. Each new high that is formed, bids continue pushing up to support the market. The price is being accepted. Ultimately, the price hits a massive block of “offers” (sell orders) above, which have a high probability of stopping and even reversing the move up. This is where it is important to take risk off and get paid. If you don’t get paid when you have profits, when will you get paid?

This trade is just one example of many different high probability, low risk patterns that are identified using order flow analysis.

You can learn them all, along with how and when to use them in our Futures Order Flow Course.

order flow Trading

The benefits of day trading futures:

The reality of day trading is that you have the ability to generate large returns with less capital than would be required for stocks or options trading.

Day trading is all about entering and exiting the market on the same day. Futures are also excluded from the Pattern Day Trader rule that prevents accounts with less than $25,000 USD from day trading stocks and options. With this day trading approach, you can sleep easy knowing that your capital is safe overnight. Most importantly, every day is a fresh start, as there is great opportunity if the market goes up or down. You don’t need to forecast future price, you have to get good at reading the real-time order flow!

Futures Day Trading and Order Flow Course


This is more than a course, it’s the cornerstone of how successful futures traders actually trade, similar to the development that traders receive at an institution.

That being: Market & Volume Profiles, which help you understand where the market is going, the market participant psychology & movement, and areas to find high probability trades. Mixed with the epicenter of order flow, the Depth of Market, where we teach traders how to read the flow of orders from strong buyers and sellers, weak participants, stop runs, and much more. With this knowledge, you will be able to develop confidence in market direction and trades.

The course is curated to help you through a specific strategy, transition from SIM to Live, and develop your trading each step of the way.

Options Trading Overview

Resources Included


Trading Journal

Options Trading

Trading Plan Creation Guide

Stock Trading Live Class

16 Actionable Lessons

Stock Trading Chart

Lesson Quizzes

Application Exercises

Course Itinerary

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Futures
  • Lesson 2: Market Structure Basics
    • BONUS Modules 1-4: Advanced Market Structure
  • Lesson 3: Chart Types
  • Lesson 4: Volume Principles
  • Lesson 5: Volume Profile / Auction Market Theory
  • Lesson 6: Market Correlations
  • Lesson 7: DOM & Order Types
  • Lesson 8: PRO Inventory Patterns
  • Lesson 9: Footprint Charts – Market Imbalances
  • Lesson 10: Delta Divergence
  • Lesson 11: Trading Zone Formation
  • Lesson 12: Risk Management Techniques
  • Lesson 13: Pullback Trading Strategies
  • Lesson 14: Breakout Strategies
  • Lesson 15: Fading Strategies
  • Lesson 16: Trade Exit Strategies
  • Lesson 17: Account Scaling Plan & Routine
  • BONUS: Trade Examples & Demonstrations
footprint chart

Resources included in the Futures Day Trading and Order Flow Course

Valued at:
  • Futures Order Flow Course $1,299
  • Market Structure Course $499
  • Futures Profile & Direction Course $899
  • Futures Trading Journal Course $199
  • Sierra Charts Software Course $399
  • Sierra Charts Templates $199
  • Trading Plan Creation Guide $299
  • Futures Trading Strategy Modules $699
Total Value

Have a plan, or
you are planning to fail.

Day trading successfully is a business, and every business needs a plan. New traders get too excited and start trading with real money way before they are prepared. Did you know if you were to join a proprietary trading firm you would be put through a rigorous development program?

In our program, we will help you construct your trading plan by:

  • - Giving you 5 trading setups for high probability
  • - Providing you a checklist for each setup, including trade qualifiers
  • - Providing you a full trading plan template with examples
  • our target - Sharing a small account growth strategy with a proprietary trading risk management plan
  • user of TPA - Teaching you the full steps of entering, managing and exiting a trade like a professional

When you have a solid trading plan with an edge, you don’t need to predict the market. You can stop wondering when to get in and out. You can stop getting stopped out and trading emotionally. You can finally start trading your plan, like a real professional. Imagine the difference a well crafted plan can make for you?

Is this course right for me?

If you are looking to be an active trader on a daily basis, and hoping to finally achieve consistency – this is the course for you.  Futures trading allows you to participate in multiple markets, and to succeed in any market condition – up markets, down or sideways.  This course is for you if you are serious about a long term career as a day trader.

Futures Trader Community & Room

If you visit any institutional trading desk around the world, you will quickly realize the most important advantage that professional traders have is each other. Professional traders work together. This is a team sport.

In our daily trading room you will see at least 1 to 3 high probability trades on most days. You will get a chance to see and hear the reason for the trade, the outcome and be able to apply the learnings for the future. Plus, you get to ask any questions that come up in real time. Trading activity is based on market conditions and primarily volatility.

When you join our family of traders, you are joining an exclusive group of elite traders.

Start your mornings like a professional trader.

Before you take any trade, it’s important you read the market. Every morning at 9AM you will join an interactive and live webinar environment. You will learn about what is moving markets, breaking news, analysis and what to be on the lookout for.

Then at 9:15AM EST you will be updated on key levels and next best trade ideas for multiple futures markets. We start with the longer term charts and work our day to today’s best trade ideas, and what has to happen to trigger them.

Futures Trading
trading analysis

Live trading, analysis, commentary, Q&A and breaking news.

From the opening bell at 9:30AM EST, you will experience the unique advantage of working in a remote proprietary trading environment. Listen to our traders break down what they are looking for, and have the ability to ask them questions personally, one on one. Stay informed with upcoming news events, along with analyst estimates, ranges and potential market reactions, and corresponding trade ideas. We break down all news and economic events with a focus on market impact, so you can focus on your trades.

We tackle the markets together daily, and trade in a live and collaborative online environment. Once the trading room concludes at 11AM EST, you can watch the replay in the early afternoon to catch up or review anything you may have missed.

On average, 66% of our live capital traders are profitable on a daily basis, based on a trader survey.

Around the clock and around the world.

Our live webinar room is open daily from 9:00AM EST to 11AM. However, the action doesn’t stop there. Our team of traders from around the globe are active 24/5.

Futures markets are open 22 ½ hours a day, and we have active traders at all times online and ready to take advantage of market moves.

Join in on the action, analysis, and trade setups now!

around the world
live Trading webinar

Weekly Webinar.

Every Sunday at 8PM EST we upload a pre-recorded webinar where we discuss macroeconomic events, analyze charts and help you get prepared for the week ahead.

Benefits of trading in a community:

  • Interactive learning
  • Weekly and monthly newsletters: trade ideas, commentary and analysis
  • Discuss directly with professional traders
  • Find an accountability partner for support and feedback
  • Get your trading journal and strategy reviewed
  • Learn of new developments to stay up to date with markets
  • Belong to a winning team

Join OUR Options Trading Community:

  • 4-6 Trade ideas EACH DAY
  • Breaking news and developments
  • Institutional order flow, dark pool trades and order blocks
  • Live analysis and commentary
  • Live trade reviews and detailed breakdowns
  • 24/7 live trader chat

Market Research Center

Market News

TRADEPRO Academy has created a Market Research Center for the overall futures market. Identifying both weekly levels and ideas, along with intraweek futures levels and ideas.
This part of the Market Research Center has two main sections split into five parts each. For a total of ten moving parts.

The Two Main Sections are:

1. The Current Week’s Futures Reports
2. The Past Week’s Futures Reports

Within the Current Weeks Futures Reports section we have:


Current Futures Report (Weekly)

This report comes out on a weekly basis, where we have a write up on the past week and what to expect of the week to come in the overall futures market. Then there is an individual section for each of the futures markets we cover. S&P 500 (ES), Nasdaq (NQ), Crude Oil (CL) and Gold (GC). Each of these individual sections breaks down the weekly levels for the markets and what to expect based on the prior week and volume analysis. The last part of the report identifies the News Calendar for the coming week.


The S&P 500 (ES) Report

This is an intraweek report. Meaning it is updated twice during the week as the ES trades. We compare the weekly report with what has happened so far in the week. It identifies trade levels for the rest of the week, based on the market movement that has already happened.


The Nasdaq (NQ) Report

This is an intraweek report. Meaning it is updated twice during the week as the NQ trades. We compare the weekly report with what has happened so far in the week. It identifies trade levels for the rest of the week, based on the market movement that has already happened.


The Crude Oil (CL) Report

This is an intraweek report. Meaning it is updated twice during the week as the CL trades. We compare the weekly report with what has happened so far in the week. It identifies trade levels for the rest of the week, based on the market movement that has already happened.


The Gold (GC) Report

This is an intraweek report. Meaning it is updated twice during the week as the GC trades. We compare the weekly report with what has happened so far in the week. It identifies trade levels for the rest of the week, based on the market movement that has already happened.

Within the Past Week’s Futures Reports section we have:

The second major part of the Futures Market Research Center is the Past Reports. In this section we have the past reports of all of the sections mentioned above. The past intraweek futures reports are posted, two, side by side one another for the full week so there is a better understanding of what has happened.


Frequently Asked Questions

You will have access to the Futures Trading & Order Flow Course forever, which includes FREE and unlimited updates. We are constantly revising our material and making sure to stay on top of these rapidly changing markets. This means you pay for one course and get a lifetime of information that works in current market conditions.

No. While we are happy to share trade ideas, and even show our entries and exits in real time, we do not provide signals. Our community of professional traders, who are consistently profitable, dislike knowing when someone enters a position. They prefer to hear the analysis and idea, and act according to their own strategy. We teach people how to fish, as opposed to giving them a fish. You will learn how to trade for yourself, and make this a long term career.

No, there are no hidden costs or any charges in addition to what’s listed in our pricing details above. You can cancel your trading room subscription at any point, there are no contracts or time commitments.

We have invested hundreds of hours creating the best trading education in the world. Thousands of traders have taken this very same program. The quality of all of our programs are institutional grade, and the training material is proprietary. You will be learning information you likely cannot get anywhere, and will have unlimited future access to any revisions in the future. In order to protect our intellectual property, we do not offer refunds on course purchases.

We are here to help you via email support, please submit a ticket on the contact us page and we’ll respond within 24 business hours.