Every trader has personal experience with fear.  When we are first starting out, we fear that we are going to lose a trade, or we fear that we will need to work our nine to five jobs longer.

But the reality is that most of us do not need to fear going hungry during the holidays.

At TRADEPRO AcademyTM, we are constantly looking for ways to give back and enrich the planet.  Our belief is that “giving is living”, and that every person can give something to help make the world a better tomorrow for the next generation.  There are many ways to give -you can give your time, your money, your advice, your love, and your comfort. This year in particular, there were an abundant of opportunities to give, and many people in need.

Every year we give back to a local community in the Philippines where our Customer Support Manager is based out of.  Donna Dayuday has been part of our team for five years, and has a giant heart and radiant personality.  She makes this entire initiative possible.

This year, Donna rounded up our TRADEPRO volunteers and embarked on a mission to provide 100 people a meal and a smile for the holidays.   Next year will mark our third anniversary, and we want to scale this imitative to enormous proportions.

As a member of our community, you are not only helping and being helped by other traders – but you are helping us change lives on a global scale.

Every year we are involved in many initiatives, from hockey sponsorship to feeding programs and much more.  This year will be our biggest yet, and I look forward to sharing the exciting updates.

I want to thank each and every one of you for making this possible.   I especially want to thank Donna and all of the TRADEPRO Volunteers who helped make this possible.  You are all an inspiration!

When I started this business I was a “kid in need” myself, and I always knew that one day I would be in a position to help.  I always held the unwavering belief that my job was to become abundant, because it meant I had more resources to give and share.  I believe it is not only our responsibility, but it is each of our rights to give something and brighten someone’s day.

With the holidays now officially over, let’s come together and continue giving, no matter how small it seems it can be a life changer.

Sending you all an abundance of love, joy and happiness.


Volunteers with Program Recipients


Volunteers with Program Recipients