Finally, A real trading system based on Volume and Order Flow, used by real traders.

A system designed by knowledge gathered from Proprietary traders that has a high probability of finding good trades. Read volume and order flow like never seen before, no indicators, just RAW data used in EVERY & ANY market condition.

The System

Understanding where strong-handed and weak-handed traders work helps you trade with smart money. This keeps you onside with the trend, and removes the guesswork from trading that keeps retail traders stuck in a losing cycle.



Market and volume profiles to identify market direction with high probability.


Time your trade entry by seeing active institutional volume so you are trading on the right side at the right levels.
trading idea


Use the depth of market to identify exactly when and where to get in and out based on the real conditions conditions, not a random decision.
Stock Trading Course


We Are

We teach independent investors and traders how to create a long lasting career in this industry.  Our goal is to provide you the tools and environment to become consistently profitable.  If you are dedicated, and ready to put in the work to build your dream life – you can call this your new home.  A community of like minded traders await to meet you, and help you with your journey.

Trading Rooms

Let’s get started on YOUR journey to success!


The Futures trading room offers everything a committed futures trader needs. From a live trading room covering US equities like S&P 500 and Nasdaq futures to commodities like Oil. It doesn’t end there! TRADEPRO Academy also offers a discord community of like minded traders that collectively continue to find opportunities throughout the day.

The TRADEPRO Academy Futures Trading Rooms involve:

Daily Pre-market analysis i Daily: Discord & Zoom
Live Trading Webinar i Daily: Zoom
Live Trades (Real Time) i Daily: Discord & Zoom
Accountability i 24/7: Discord
Community i 24/7: Discord
DOM Trade Replay & Review Library i Full Access
Inner Circle Master Class Lessons i Full Access
Live Room Special Events (Federal Reserve Meetings, CPI, NFP etc) i Event Dependant: Full Access
Market Analysis Weekly i Weekly: Full Access

Join a Community of Successful Stock, Options and Futures Traders

TRADEPRO Academy is a well known community in the professional trading industry. You are joining a winning team of traders across the world that come together in pursuit of a common goal. You will be supported by current members who have walked the journey before you, and care about your success as much as you do. Trading desks around the world are full of like-minded individuals who openly share, collaborate, and trade as a collective. Join our virtual trading environment and start trading with successful traders who started just like YOU.



live capital traders daily win rate on average


traders around the globe


of active comments and trade ideas daily


professional full-time stock and option analysts and traders


professional full-time futures analysts and traders


of industry trading experience among moderators and instructors

Active community

full of analysis, trade setups, news and research

One goal:

to help one another succeed and constantly grow

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