How to Find High Volatility Stocks to Trade

When it comes time to trading stocks, it is important to find high volatility stocks to trade.

Also, volatility equates to uncertainty and a lot of movement.

Therefore both of these are very beneficial to you as a trader.

In today’s article I will discuss how to find high volatility stocks to trade on a daily basis.


High Volatility Stocks – Which Companies Qualify?

High volatility stocks are those that are expected to make big and unexpected moves at any time.

The technical definition of stock volatility is the statistical measure of the dispersion of returns.

Volatility is measured is by the stock company’s beta.

The stock beta of 1.0 means that you are expecting a stock to move $1 for every $1 the broad market moves.

That is, values above 1.0 indicate the stock is expected to move proportionally higher for each $1.

Apple currently has a beta of 1.11, which means it is 11% more volatile than the market average.

To find these vales you can go to Finance Yahoo and pull up any stock profile.

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High Volatility Stocks – How Do I Find the Most Volatile Ones?

In this step, I will instruct you on how to screen for the high volatility stocks by beta values.

You can access this free stock screener tool offered by Yahoo.

  1. Visit Finance Yahoo Screener here>
  2. Click “Add Another Field” at the bottom of the screener
  3. Select “Beta” and click close
  4. Multi-select 1.2 to 2.0 and >2.0 options
  5. Click the “Find Stocks” button at the bottom

Here is an example of what your screener should look like at this point.

You will now see a list of all the stocks that match the criteria.

At this point, you will notice that technology stocks will likely be near the top.

Because technology companies are still in the rapid growth mode of their life cycle they also pose the most amount of uncertainty. This uncertainty translates to a wider possibility of price movement in the future.

Therefore, these stocks are great for day traders and active investors looking for a move.

High Volatility Stocks – More Advanced Screening Options

If you are looking for some more advanced stock screening options, you are in luck.

I have created a YouTube video reviewing the top stock screeners.

You can customize them by optionable stocks, momentum, and even technical analysis patterns.

I have attached the video below for your viewing.


High Volatility Stocks – Conclusion

Volatility is often feared if you are an inexperienced investor or trader.

However, as you are equipped with the right tools stock market volatility is a very lucrative for-profit opportunity.

When a stock is moving, you can be making money when you are on the right side.

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