Interview with an Ex-Bank Trader

TRADEPRO Academy’s very own George Papazov was recently featured on an extensive podcast hosted by Trading Nut.

The interview covers a variety of topics listed below. George goes over his long trading journey to success and what it takes to be a professional trader.

  • Trading Bias
  • Differences in trading (scalping, swing, day trading)
  • The importance of risk management
  • Trading Fears
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Trading Mindset
  • Fundamentals and Sentiment trading
  • Price action trading

Everything from the corporate world to his first trading experience. Find out how George turned into the trader he is today.

A little background information on George:

  • He runs 2 portfolios – one for day trading and one for swing trading
  • He trades Futures – Oils, S&P500, Index, NASDAQ, Bonds, and Metals
  • He’s using Order Flow-based methodology
  • He likes looking at aggressive buying and selling
  • He risks 5 ticks on S&P500 for every trade and goes for a profit of 8
  • He only needs 40% win rate to break even for the day
  • His average win rate ratio is 70%
  • He only has a maximum of 2 trades at a time
  • He uses the Wall Street Journal, Seeking Alpha, and Zero Hedge
  • He uses both the Fundamental and the Technical analysis
  • One of his favorite setups is a pull-back to simple VWAP (Volume-Weighted Average Price)

As an added bonus, George spills some of TRADEPRO Academy’s secret sauce as he discusses the basics of order flow and order flow training. Get a sneakpeak of what we teach at TRADEPRO to help members turn into consistent, successful futures traders.

Check out the whole interview below:

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