LIVE Futures Day Trading Bootcamp

6 Days of Trading with the TRADEPRO's

January 26th to 31st, 2020

 Toronto Head Office Training Center

Become a consistently profitable and professional trader!

This bootcamp will transform your trading

  • How to properly set up your Sierra Charts with the coaches
  • How to determine trading zones for high probability trade setups
  • How to create a successful trading routine to set you up for a successful day of trading
  • How to create a morning preparation routine for success
  • How the news has an impact on the markets and what that means to trading
  • How to journal, review, replay and analyze opportunities from your previous trades.
  • How to become a professional trader
  • How to properly qualify and disqualify trades
  • How to determine when to get into a trade and when you get out of a trade
  • Learn how to develop a Trading Mindset and the Strategies to get you into a better trading state
  • Learn how to properly and effectively use DOMs to your advantage from the coaches
  • LIVE IN CLASS trading with the coaches

Sun Jan 26th to Fri Jan 31st, 2020

DAY 1 - Sierra Charts, MARKET STRUCTURE and Zones

DAY 2 - pullback trading strategy

DAY 3 - fading strategies

DAY 4 - Breakout tarding strategies




George Papazov

Founder, Trader & Coach

George been trading since 2001. After a successful career as a trader in a top six bank in Canada he decided to pursue his passion of educating others how to achieve financial freedom, while continuing to trade himself.  Teaching and trading is his dream life. 

Victorio Stefanov

Options & Futures Trader, Coach

Victorio has been trading for over 4 years in options and futures markets and was one of the early students at TRADEPRO Academy.  He is responsible for the options desk and crafts the daily and weekly newsletters.

Mark Borszcz

Currency & Futures Trader, Coach

Mark has been trading FOREX (currencies) for over 5 years, and worked at a big six bank in Canada on the currency desk. In 2018 he left his full time job in the bank to trade full time.  He is in charge of the FX desk and sends out the weekly currency reports and updates.


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$8,997 USD

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  • In person
  • Limited Time Only

Secure Payment.



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$10,997 USD

  • Small Class Setting
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  • Non Member 

Secure Payment.

Here is what our Students have to say.....

Certification Students at the June 2019 ELITE Bootcamp

Certification Students at the September 2019 ELITE Bootcamp

"Just finished a workshop with George and the TRADEPRO Academy team in Toronto. It was absolutely AMAZING and worth the investment of time and money.

The team is the most GENUINE, KIND AND HELPFUL group that you will ever find. They will do all they can to help you in your journey.

TRADEPRO Academy is the best program you will ever find. The membership includes all the education you need to learn how to become a futures trader.

In addition to that, the TPA team is very responsive and try to help you and answer any questions you may have.
Furthermore, the community is another valuable asset of the program. The communication is great and the members are eager to help each other out in whichever way they can. It’s a global community as well so don’t be surprised to receive replies at odd hours of the day.

Do not hesitate to try it out. You will be in good hands."

Marjorie Perera

TradePRO Member

"Years ago, I began looking for training on trading. I took a few $100 to $200 courses on trading. The amount of information was minimal. The training was good but abstract and detached from live examples.

Next, I found the high profile; well know traders offering courses for several thousand dollars. I spoke with two of the traders personally. They offered lots of books and print outs. Reams of information would be sent. So I asked, “What if I can’t apply the info?” The answer was that they were always available by email to answer questions. I couldn’t visualize translating book information into real trading.

Finally, I found TRADEPRO Academy. The pricing was interesting. For a small monthly fee, lots of information was provided. It included hours & hours of video training, monthly coaching, a daily trading room, and much more.

Here’s the difference. TRADEPRO Academy is dedicated to guiding you into becoming a profitable trader. In the training videos, George, founder of TRADEPRO , outlines how to go safely from simulated trading to live trading. He offers a path on how to progress from simulated trading to making $250 a day to $500 a day and then to $750 a day.

Once you finish the video courses (The videos are great and packed with examples of actual trading), you can trade live with TRADEPRO . You can ask questions live during the daily trading session or by email. They actually answer you and will provide actual examples. They have guided trading in the mornings and overnight hours. Trading is available around the clock. It depends on the best hours for you.

I just returned from a trading boot camp with TRADEPRO . It was only offered to people who had already learned the trading material and were looking to become profitable. The difference? Individualized coaching is provided to help you learn to read and use many trading indicators, not just a few. Looking for guided training? Test out TRADEPRO for a few months. I’m thrilled that I did. Thank you George.

I’m a real person and have no connection to TRADEPRO . I’m just grateful for the coaching from the TRADEPRO team; George, Stephen, Mark, and Victorio. Contact me if you like."

Randy Campbell

TradePRO Member

"I joined TradePro Academy late February 2019. They offer everything you need to become a successful day trader! Start with the Foundation Course (chart patterns, candle patterns, Market Structure, Indicators, etc.) Then move the topic of interest (Options, swing trading or Futures), then RISK MANAGEMENT and finally the Psychology Course.

I was lucky to participate in the live update of the Futures Course. First time getting to know how Futures trading works and the huge potential they offer to leverage a small account (love at first sight). TONS of value for your monthly subscription: daily emails with ideas for options and swing trading stocks, every Sunday night at 8pm EST they have a “look ahead” (around 1 hour), once a month they offer a Coaching Session (almost 2hours of specific topic), live trading from 9:00am to 12pm EST. Everything is recorded and archived for your review. Great community, we help each other and exchange ideas. The TEAM of Traders (George, Mark, Victorio, Stephen) are knowledgeable, experienced, and they actually trade live! It is not a scam! The support staff is super responsive and amazing (Azalia and Donna). Finally,

I made an Investment in myself and went to their one-week bootcamp, worth every penny (highly recommend it!). 

This is not a get rich overnight company. If you are really committed to become a full-time day trader, this is where you need to be! Don’t think it twice, join the community and change your life!"

Francisco Fernandez 

TradePRO Member

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