Options Trading

Follow the smart money.

When you make a trade, you are either going with or against big institutional orders. As a trader, if you are not aware of the process on how to find big order blocks, and at what price they are trading, you are likely trading against the big money. Smart money always wins. When big money is buying a stock, it will increase in price. When big money is selling, it will decrease in price. The problem is that you are gambling without knowing this important information.

You are NOT seeing the full picture.

The mistake new traders make is to focus only on the stock price. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Big institutional money is using options to quietly take a stake in stocks that are hidden to the retail crowd. These option flows are extremely important for the future direction of any stock. The best part is that you can trade the same options as the smart money, and spend less money than buying the stock, with far higher returns. It’s a massive edge for your trading. You can now catch the moves you are used to missing, and be on the right side of the trend.

Here is an example of how it works: 

Our team analyzes various sources of options order flow and puts together the puzzle to let you know when institutional money is buying, and what exactly they are buying.

Below you can see that Apple is experiencing a surge of call purchasing in big size. Our options analysts do the research and make sure it is not a neutralizing portfolio position (hedging). We then post the trade idea in full in our community. Look at all of the smart money buying Apple! What happens next?

Additional options call flow comes in on the second day, pushing prices even higher and setting the expectation for continued upside. Imagine how your trading would improve with this institutional order flow tool?

Options Trading and Order Flow Course


Learn how to start trading options like a professional trader.  Our program will teach you exactly how institutional traders identify unusual volume in options activity, and how to find high probability, low risk trade setups.

The entire program is designed to teach you how to make options trading a career for the long term.  From reading order flow, to finding trade entries and optimizing profits, this is the one stop shop for success in the industry.

Options Trading Overview

Resources Included


Trading Journal

Options Trading

Trading Plan Creation Guide

Stock Trading Live Class

16 Actionable Lessons

Stock Trading Chart

Lesson Quizzes

Application Exercises

Course Itinerary

  • Lesson 1: Understanding Options Basics
  • Lesson 2: Options Trading & Greeks
  • Lesson 3: Advanced Market Structure
  • Lesson 4: PRO Patterns & Strategies
  • Lesson 5: Advanced: Debit Spreads
  • Lesson 6: Advanced: Credit Spreads
  • Lesson 7: Swing Trading Options
  • Lesson 8: Day Trading Options
  • Lesson 9: Earnings Trading Strategies
  • Lesson 10-13: Advanced Order Flow Analysis (Reading Smart Money)
Trading Room

Resources included in the Options Trading & Order Flow Course

Valued at:
  • Full Options Theory Course $999
  • Swing Trading Options Strategies $599
  • Day Trading Options Strategies $599
  • Options Order Flow Trading Course $799
  • Options Risk Management Course $99
  • Options Trading Journal $99
  • Options Trading Workbook $199
  • Platform Setup Guide $99
Total Value

Is this course right for me?

If you are looking to be a successful options trader on a daily basis, and hoping to finally achieve consistency – this is the course for you.  Options trading allows you to participate in multiple stocks with low capital, and to succeed in any market condition – up markets, down or sideways.  This course is for you if you are serious about a long term career as an options trader.

Options Trader Community Chat

Want to share ideas, analysis and option trade setups with a community of professional traders?

Let Our Analysts do the Hard Work

Get a list of stocks that will be making major moves in the morning session, and actionable trade ideas from our options analyst team.

QCM Options Flow

Full Day Coverage of Market Movers

The options analysts continue to provide coverage throughout the daily session while markets are open. You will know of all the order flow that often leads the news. You can anticipate market moves BEFORE they happen!

Also, stay on top of all analyst updates and recommendation changes, which lead to explosive movement in stock prices and great trading opportunities.

Start using your time for the things you love, and let us do the hard work analyzing the market FOR YOU!

Real Time Discussion with Professional Traders

Look at any professional trading desk and you will notice one thing – no one is trading alone! The biggest edge for a trader is to have a community to trade with. This is a team sport, and if you aren’t playing on a winning team you are playing against one.

This community is full of active, profitable day traders. Everyone in our family is here to support you, help you grow and answer your questions in real time.

Discuss trade ideas, breaking news, options flow, platforms or anything else in our various community channels. Everything we do is designed to help you win.

TPA real time discussion

Benefits of trading in a community:

  • Interactive learning
  • Weekly and monthly newsletters: trade ideas, commentary and analysis
  • Discuss directly with professional traders
  • Find an accountability partner for support and feedback
  • Get your trading journal and strategy reviewed
  • Learn of new developments to stay up to date with markets
  • Belong to a winning team

Join OUR Options Trading Community:

  • 4-6 Trade ideas EACH DAY
  • Breaking news and developments
  • Institutional order flow, dark pool trades and order blocks
  • Live analysis and commentary
  • Live trade reviews and detailed breakdowns
  • 24/7 live trader chat

Weekly Newsletter,
Commentary, Analysis and Trade Ideas

Market News

Receive a weekly newsletter jam packed with value and actionable trade ideas. The newsletter goes out Sundays and it recaps all the action and catalysts that are moving markets. You can now stay informed and stay prepared like a professional trader.  Get the information edge institutions are used to having.

Commentary & Analysis

Get a daily recap of institutional order flow and big block trades executed by the smart money. Stay up to date with the news and events driving the stock market from our team of professional analysts. Weekly options analysis and trade ideas delivered to your inbox.

Newsletter includes:

  • Institutional block trades and order flow for options
  • Dark pool trade executions on specific stocks and options
  • List of high opportunity option plays using our proprietary market scanner
  • Expert commentary and analysis
  • New ideas to diversify your trading approach (3-5 Swing Trade Ideas each week)
  • Let us do the hard work for you – stay on top of the markets with ease


Frequently Asked Questions

You will have access to the Options Trading & Order Flow Course forever, which includes FREE and unlimited updates. We are constantly revising our material and making sure to stay on top of these rapidly changing markets. This means you pay for one course and get a lifetime of information that works in current market conditions.

No. While we are happy to share trade ideas, and even show our entries and exits in real time, we do not provide signals. Our community of professional traders, who are consistently profitable, dislike knowing when someone enters a position. They prefer to hear the analysis and idea, and act according to their own strategy. We teach people how to fish, as opposed to giving them a fish. You will learn how to trade for yourself, and make this a long term career.

No, there are no hidden costs or any charges in addition to what’s listed in our pricing details above. You can cancel your trading room subscription at any point, there are no contracts or time commitments.

We have invested hundreds of hours creating the best trading education in the world. Thousands of traders have taken this very same program. The quality of all of our programs are institutional grade, and the training material is proprietary. You will be learning information you likely cannot get anywhere, and will have unlimited future access to any revisions in the future. In order to protect our intellectual property, we do not offer refunds on course purchases.

We are here to help you via email support, please submit a ticket on the contact us page and we’ll respond within 24 business hours.