Find the Right Broker & Pay Less Commission


When a new Forex trader is looking for a broker to open their account with they often run to Google and type in, “Best Forex Broker” or something similar.

They then click on the first broker that pops up and has flashy marketing.

Often times these marketing efforts include a bonus if you open an account with them. These bonuses may seem attractive and lucrative – but can really impact you negatively in the long run.

Sign up and no-deposit bonuses seem appealing, but did you know there are always extreme terms and conditions applied when accepting these bonuses that can prevent you from withdrawing your funds.

We have partnered with Forest Park FX, LLC to help new traders avoid the pitfalls of selecting a Forex broker.

Forest Park FX, LLC is a global introducing broker that helps traders find reputable and regulated brokers to trade through.


Forest Park FX, LLC and TRADEPRO Academy Inc do not solicit or accept United States residents to open Forex trading accounts.