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Our courses are priced for accessibility and provide exceptional value.  Over the years we have added 4 new courses, live daily trading community and 100% satisfaction to thousands of customers. 

You can now lock in these low rates and take advantage of the awesome things to come.


On September 3rd, the prices will increase to:

Swing Trader $99 USD/mo

Day Trader $129 USD/mo

ELITE $169 USD/mo (25% savings)


Live analysis, trade ideas & education.
$79 USD Monthly
  • Development Checklist
  • Beginner Trading Course
  • Options Strategies Course
  • Forex Mastery Course (NEW)
  • Options Strategy Cheat-sheet
  • Futures Swing Trading Course
  • Weekly Analysis Webinar
  • Swing Trade Ideas Newsletter
  • Daily Trade & Market Update
  • Trading Journal
  • Unlimited Email & Ticket Support


Trade live in our exclusive community.
$99 USD Monthly
  • Development Checklist
  • Beginner Trading Course
  • Day Trading Course
  • Daily Live Trading Room
  • Weekly Analysis Webinar
  • 5 Trading Checklists
  • Multiple Software Support
  • Charting Template Files
  • All Custom Indicators
  • Text Chatroom Access
  • Premium Chat Support!


Bundle and save over 20% monthly!
$139 USD Monthly

Everything in:


  • Monthly Webinar
  • Q&A with George
  • Psychology Mastery Course
  • ELITE Team Room
    (Trades & Analysis 24/5)
  • Ext. Hours News Trading
  • Priority Support
  • First Access to
    New Courses!

Beginner Foundations Course

The beginner trading course is included in every subscription package.  This comprehensive course includes all the materials to get you started.  If you are a complete beginner (or even an intermediate trader), this is made for you!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with any of our subscription services for any reason, you can contact us and we will refund your subscription price within the first 14 days of membership.

No questions, no hoops, no BS.  100% Guaranteed!

You will not be disappointed, and that is a promise!  We have worked really hard to earn our shiny excellent service badge and wear it proudly.

What Our TRADEPRO’s Are Saying

Dear George,

I wanted to write this to express my sincere gratitude for making your course available to me and to other traders.

You have given me the tools to be successful and I'll never forget it. I love the energy and passion you have in this business and it shows through your course and your daily commentaries. Through your hard work, you have created a long-lasting legacy which many will benefit from if they follow your methodology and approach.

I've combined a lot of hard work/research with learning how to identify where the ideal setups are using the footprint to get to where I am today. I now feel like I'm in a position where the possibilities are limitless. Thank you so much for making it possible for the little guy to be successful in this traditionally institutional dominated market, and for giving me and other traders an amazing opportunity within the futures marketplace by showcasing the possibilities.

All the best my friend.

Scott Chanthavong

Hey George, just wanted to send you an email to tell you how happy I am with your service and how I have learned more from you in 3 to 4 months than I have learned in the past couple of years. You have forced me to look at the market with a totally different perspective, things I could have never done alone.

I love your excitement, knowledge and sense of humor. I also want to say thanks for the hard work you perform on behalf of us lucky enough to have found your service, I can tell that you put in a lot of time and work to prepare us all, especially the Sunday evening updates.

Bob Westhoff

Switched from another company and loving the TRADEPRO edge.

Hi George.

Just wanted to let you know how I came to your program.

I met Lenn a week ago at a trading education course we belong to which I prefer not to

He forwarded your youtube channel to me right away, and I was hooked.

I listened to your psychology webinar, which was interesting, and 1 thing you said made me sign up.

You said to someone, "if you are not making at least 140 a month, call me, we need to talk:..

you probably dont remember saying that, but to me it was in that 126

So I decided to give it a try. heck, I spend more than that on make up that I dont wear.

I have been trading since late 2013 and blew my trading account of 20K.

I had issues stopping out, surely plays, fear of missing outs etc.....

I was introduced to Mark Douglass material which helped me tremendously recently

and now your program as well. I am currently trading with a small account in the hopes of growing it and being successful.

Although I have some trading knowledge, I am starting your courses from the basics before moving on to the futures trading and bigger positions.

My broker does allow me to day trade calls and puts, so I follow along with your trading room for entry and exits on SPY.

As I mentioned earlier, following your oil trading, I profited $120 from 5 USO calls I bought on Thursday. I was excited about that because in my head, it covered the cost of the

In addition, your program includes so much of education that I was startled.

You would be upset if you knew how much I paid for the education I received from that other company.


It's truly a blessing to finally come across a course that is actually teaching me the fundamentals of trading. Your a phenomenal teacher. I'm excited about tradepro academy. I'm so thankful & humble to finally have a experience, straightforward, mentor / teacher. Thank you George !! Looking forward to graduation!! Thank you for having a program designed for success!! God Bless TRADEPRO Academy !!

Cameron Gladden

I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work and effort you have put into building the courses. They are fun and enjoyable to do.

The quizzes are a great addition in making you think about the material. Before joining I had no idea what order flow was and now I swear by it.

I blew up a few accounts and got very frustrated trying to trade with all the market schemes out there.

George, with the knowledge you bring to the table and the exercises you have mapped out has not only made me excited to sit down in the mornings and trade but also profitable.

I still have a ways to go. But the profits are on the table now.

Sean Gilbank

2 Weeks in and confident I finally found a place to hang my hat.

I have been part of the Tradepro Academy 2 weeks today; confident I finally found a place to hang my hat. It only takes minutes to see your knowledge and understanding of the markets, combined with your clear ability to teach is a win-win for dummies like me…lol.

With the website loaded with a vast amount of information combined with the new psychology course gives traders an immense amount of ammunition for success. Your program is grossly under priced leaving me scratching my head….if you do raise the price grandfather me in…lol

Casey Brown

First off, I want to say this has been the greatest learning experience in my life so far. I signed up for the Swing Trader package last month and the material has been absolutely fantastic. It's well structured and flows seamlessly. So a BIG THANK YOU for the phenomenal education so far. I loved the idea of trading and always wanted to learn and after a long time I've finally found something I'm really excited about.

Navin Srinivas

Best course I've ever taken, and I've been trading a long time!

"I am very pleased and have learned so much and I am only on the 5th module of the Futures course. This is coming from someone who has been trading for quite sometime. The content and level of instruction by George is top notch! I would venture to say it's the best I've seen from all the trading courses I've taken. He really makes learning the concept of Order flow entertaining and easy to understand."

David Guerrero

Im actually getting really good at break out trades so far ive been able to average a profit between 120-500 a night in a spand of 3hrs, of course i have losing trades but its not that bad when i put my stop loss about 4-5 ticks down because i can easily make that back in a different trade.I just wanted to say Thank you for that video and even if not much people showed up just know it was extremely helpful and im definitely grateful for it.

P.S. I already feel like a professional and im only on my second week of the phoenix course =)

David Pagan

Hi George, I joined late last week and I have watched the first video (futures) and half way through the second video. After watching almost an hour of the second video I can say I am very optimistic of what you are teaching so far regarding the order book and looking for levels based on orders. When price approaches those levels orders increasing means support/resistance and orders decreasing means a break out (rally). This simple idea makes so much sense to me and I look forward to going through the rest of the course! My dream is again alive of doing this at full time income one day!

Chris Root

I am very profitable thanks to lesson I learned at TRADEPRO!

I have completed my training on the swing traders course and have actually been trading in a live account for the last several weeks. I am happy to say that so far I am being very profitable thanks to the lessons I have learned. In fact when I go to retire in a couple of years I will sign up for the day trading course as well.

Lee Young , Swing Trader TRADEPRO

Good Day,

A short note. From August 2016 to Jan 2017 I was paying a monthly subscription to a stock and options training company.
After losing 60 % of my trading account I packed it in. Kind of in shock but learned some valuable lessons.
Lesson # 1 find an educational trading program that works.
I took a bit of time to digest what just happened, re grouped and starting looking.
I'm so fortunate to eventually find TRADEPRO ACADEMY.
George you teach your students the tools to be successful.

Steve Lane

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a contract or commitment?

No, there are no contracts, commitments or obligations. There are no fees or additional charges of any kind.  All subscriptions are month to month, and can be canceled anytime by accessing your profile.

Is there a free trial of the subscriptions?

We have packed a ridiculous amount of value in all of our subscriptions, and we guaranteed you will love them.  If you do not like any of our packages for whatever reason you can request a full refund within 14 days of subscription – 100% money back.

Can I upgrade and switch subscriptions?

Yes absolutely.  If you wish to change your subscription you can do this via your member profile area.  You will automatically be pro-rated to the new package so you do not have to worry about the timing of the transaction.  You can change between packages freely and conveniently.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Once you are a member you can manage your subscription through your profile on our website.  You can cancel at any time with no fees or charges and you will not be billed further.  Please note, once you cancel you will lose access to the member area immediately.

Do I have to have a financial or mathematics background?

Absolutely not.  Our trading development education is geared towards helping you become a successful trader – no matter where you are starting.  We offer a gradual development program that starts with the very basics.

Can I pay the subscription price in another currency?

No. Our pricing model is based on US dollars and all of our packages are charged monthly in US.  Once you subscribe with your credit card the monthly charge will be converted to your local currency by your institution, but double check with them to be sure.

Can I still subscribe if I don’t have a credit card?

Yes! You can now use PayPal for monthly subscriptions whether you have a credit card attached or plan to use your bank account instead.  When you are checking out, select the PayPal option and you will be redirected to complete your transaction on the PayPal website.

Why are your subscription packages so cheap?

Our model is designed to make trading accessible to every individual that is willing to put in the time and effort to learn.  We offer exceptional education that you will not find anywhere else.  We believe the money you save on education will be better utilized in the market.

Do I have to be in front of the computer all day to trade?

No. We offer two different packages to help you fit trading into your lifestyle. The most important part is to make trading adapt to your lifestyle and goals.  You do not have to make changes to make things work.  You make them work for YOU!