Crude Oil Mentoring

Take the next step in your trading with mentorship from Stephen Box. Learn how to trade the Crude Oil market with consistency, discipline & confidence!

3 Month Coaching Program – 12 Weeks $4,999 USD

The coaching program is my comprehensive oil course. The first six weeks have a “classroom” component with a lecture of about one hour per week (same day, same time). In the seventh week we do a mini-combine together where we make sure you are seeing entries and have your stops and exits down. Then, the latter part of the course is primarily dialogue on PM during the webinar and the trading day with weekly trade journal review.

The classes are just the two of us, in a Zoom meeting with both mics open–so your questions are the only ones asked and answered. There are weekly assignments to help you learn to “see” the market and learn to make high-probability trades. The trading portion starts with SIM and quickly moves to cash-trading single contracts. When you are comfortable, we move into multiple contracts.

Oil Coaching Overview:

  • Week One – Introductions and Market Observation
  • Week Two – Market Structure, Participants, Contract Specs
  • Week Three – Charting and Analysis Techniques and Indicators: What I Chart
  • Week Four – Charting and Analysis Techniques and Indicators: How I Use the Data
  • Week Five – Charting and Analysis Techniques and Indicators: Pivots and Support/Resistance
  • Week Six – Risk Management, Entry and Exits, Trade Strategies
  • Week Seven – Boxy’s Safe Oil Combine
  • Week Eight through Twelve – Trading the CL

Find out what past students are saying

We were really thankful to find TradePro Academy, and gained a great deal of knowledge going through the courses and the Boot Camp. Being part of Stephen's oil coaching program has truly accelerated our learning process, and reduced the learning curve exponentially. Our experience with the market so far has been positive, and because of this course we are now seeing oil in a whole new light. Stephen's methods of teaching are clear, concise and effective. His vast insight into the oil market has been very helpful to us and he was always willing to spend time making sure we understood the information. Even though every trading day is different, we now have the tools to navigate whatever the market throws at us, and the knowledge to execute successful trades. This is especially relevant now, as the thriving business I ran for over thirty years has shut down seemingly overnight because of the COVID-19 virus. Both my daughter and I feel a sense of independence because we've gone through his program. Stephen's approach to teaching the principles and fundamentals of the oil market gives us the confidence and ability to make a living trading - he has taught us to take his style and make it our own in a way that works for us.

We highly recommend Stephen Box's oil coaching to anyone looking to reach the next level in their oil trading. Without him and his course, it would have been impossible to be where we are today as successful traders.

Please feel free to use any and all of this as you see fit. Thanks again for everything!

John and Joelle

Joelle DiAntonio

In one word: phenomenal!

As you know, Boxy is an amazing guy but he is also a great teacher. The course is really well laid out, giving us digestible chunks of new information every week that build upon the previous week. I especially enjoyed the weekly "assignments" because they re-enforced the concepts in a very practical way during the actual trading sessions. The combine is also an excellent idea since it gives Boxy a chance to better understand how each student is "seeing" the market and also gives us confidence to trade live after the review.

Boxy always makes himself readily available to help and doesn´t hesitate to answer every single question you have. Since going live, I have slowly gone from very hesitant, to letting go of my "fear" of executing but perhaps overtrading a bit, to finally learning to wait for the trades that fit my strategy and promptly executing them ("plan the trade, trade the plan").

In terms of improvements for the course, I would suggest to potentially ask students to focus on the higher probably strategies when first going live (like the Futures Course does with the pullback strategy) to prevent overtrading.

The "post-mortem" daily Zoom sessions that we started this week were also an amazing value added and I´m sure you will keep improving it as you´ve done all year here at TPA (London session, new Futures course, new Psychology course, forum, podcast, etc.).

I am really grateful to have found TPA back in February and have never been so confident in my choice to become a full time trader.

I am really looking forward to 2020 and can´t wait to continuously improve with you guys.

By the way, congrats on the podcast and I look forward to reading your book next year!


Start to finish the entire class was not only extremely informative but also made very enjoyable by Stephen's teaching method. His commitment to my success was very evident by how much time he put into this outside of the normal weekly sessions. I sent him trades every day, he reviewed them and gave feedback that was extremely helpful.He was also open to any additional zoom meetings, texts or phone calls if needed. Also his flexibility around my schedule was greatly appreciated.

The way the course is structured has clearly been given a lot of thought. Lay out the basics at the beginning, work on demo trades and then switch to live. And Boxy's Oil combine is great.

Of course results are what is important and what Stephen teaches in this class delivers on that. Stick to the plan, trade the plan and it works.(Imagine that)

On a side note, I just retired from my job this past week and am going to be doing this full time now. Based on what I learned in this class and the positive results I have seen right away I can see this is going to give me the lifestyle that I was looking for when I signed up to TRADEPRO Academy 2 years ago.

Keep up the great work,



Stephen Box has been an amazing mentor to me, and without his coaching program, I would not have had the turning point I needed with my trading.

When I started learning how to trade, I was struggling to trade both equities and oil. I knew I wanted to trade oil but I was never able to achieve any success. Taking the oil coaching was exactly what I needed to become more confident, consistent, successful and profitable with trading. I learned how to look at the markets, the proper strategies to use when I saw certain things happen in the market and it made me realize how important it is to have a coach and a mentor who can teach you all the tools you need to become better. Boxy is a professional in every way, he knows exactly what to look at and he can teach it very effectively. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. He wants to see his students succeed and it is evident in his passion and in how he teaches.

On top of everything that I learned, the accountability and the community that supports this journey is what is also very valuable.

I really recommend that anyone take the Oil coaching program with Mr. Stephen Box, especially if they are looking to find success in their trading.

I wanted to share my gratitude again and I am grateful to have found Tradepro Academy. You guys have taught me a skill that I don’t think I could have found anywhere else. I have a lifelong skill that I will be able to keep with me forever.

Thank you again.

Pele Dagher