Equity Mentoring

The US equity market is the largest futures market in the world, filled with opportunities around every corner. Learn the path to profitability and make your dream a reality.

Victorio Private Coaching Program : $3,999 USD

Want to learn to trade Equities with Victorio?

This private mentoring package is strictly based on the US equity futures market. The main asset of focus is the S&P 500, with some hints of correlatory markets and Gold mixed in. The consists of everything to do with equities, from the basics to strategies that will make a difference in your trading.

The course is equipped with a mini-combine, done together to make sure you’re on the right track; placing your entries and exits for the highest opportunity trades.

There is a constant private chat through discord where members have access to Victorio throughout the day and a Zoom call once a week where a lecture style class is delivered that enforces participation and learning! (Open Mic)

There is a large focus on journalling and journal review in the course and the creating of your personalized trading plan that you will take to the markets. Throughout the course, we encourage SIM trading at the start and transition to the live markets in incramental steps based on the comfort level of the student.

Throughout this personalized program you will work on:

  • Week One – Introductions and Market Observation
  • Week Two – Market Structure Introduction & Basics
  • Week Three – Charting and Martet Analysis Techniques
  • Week Four – Charting and Market Analysis Techniques- Advanced
  • Week Five – Order Flow (Footprint & Inventory Deep Dive)
  • Week Six – Risk Management, Entry and Exits, Trade Strategies
  • Week Seven – Constructing the Trading Plan
  • Week Eight & Nine – Trading Strategies
  • Week Ten – Victorio’s Combine Training
  • Week Eleven & Twelve – Trading & Review

Find out what past students are saying

Thank you so much for providing an excellent group coaching session throughout the whole 3 months. It must be a huge undertaken and long hour for you.

Since 2004, I traded options and my results were total defeat. One year, my Feng Shui master (fortune tell) told me that I don’t have any luck (fortune) with stock investment. That was the year, I lost the most and he recommended me to stay away from the market. Since then, I was trading on and off without much improvement. While my salary increased slightly every year, the cost of living increased much faster. In order to improve the situation, I challenged to acquire CPA license hoping it would increase my salary. After sending 2 years, I successfully passed CPA exams. Despite my license, my earning has not changed. Although I have reached out and interviewed many companies, I have not landed a better paying job. As a result, I searched for another way to increase my earning potential and found TPA.

My journey in TPA was not easy. I lived in Los Angeles, CA and I need to drop off my daughter and go to work, so I had a very little time trading in NY session. The first day I funded AMP account, I thought I was checking and personalizing Sierra Chart, I was live and lost $3,700 that day without knowing I clicked to trade live. I convinced my family and myself that I needed more time and funding to see if this endeavor would work out. Since then, I was living in guilt and shame and did not share any of my thoughts, feeling, and results with my family.

Since I joined the coaching session, my fundamental understanding of trade is solidified. David, I cannot thank you enough showing us the fundamental daily process and importance of applying same strategy to verify the result. As an accountant, I apply the same principle and process for my company. I established policy and procedure and manual for the daily accounting operation. Your approach toward trades break through my mental barrier. I finally related my professional experience and training with trading.

Victorio, when you explained using tick chart not time chart, I was finally realized the time is irrelevant and relieved from the trading time restriction I had in my mind. George mentioned this in the day trade course, but I was not getting the message.

Also, your morning routine for preparing 3 next best trades reformed my mindset from chasing movement to wait for a set up. This ultimately led me to form a wedge pattern trade that I am most successful with.

I would also like to thank my teammate. The team from all over the world got together and trading in different time zone. This made me realized that I could trade anytime of the day.

I remember Yarn, Steven, Brett, Chris, and Nidal all opened up and shared their experience and failure. Their sharing freed me from my feeling of shame, failure and frustration. I was finally free from my negative thoughts, bruises, and wounds.

My tiny hope that one day I will be profitable is finally materializing. I have achieved 70% winning ratio in Dec so far and continuing. I have been 8 green in the past 10 trading days. My longest continuous wining streak was 18 trades. I cannot thank you enough for how much I gain and grew in the past 3 month and hope we trade side by side with you all and continuous growth. Wish you all happiness and merry Christmas.



Awesome coaching expertise, with more than 1 coach so different timezones are accommodated. Detailed presentations, nice mix of material, vids and it was adapted to the students level. Great to see the program was heavy focused on psych aspects. There was frequent support from coaches and the group. Learned from others in the group, their growth, their mistakes and more. Learned new trading strategies. Traders would get the most out of it if they journal and followed their trade plans and were vulnerable, showed their strengths and weaknesses honestly.


Just want to say thank you to yourself and David! The content available, amount of time and journal reviewing that you both have provided us over the 3 months has been fantastic.

I'm still very much at the beginning of my trading journey, but throughout the course I have started to see things a lot more clearly and am getting a handle on the psychological side of trading too. Definitely a worthwhile investment!

Look forward to visiting Toronto and Hawaii once I'm super profitable ha!

Thanks again.


"First off, Victorio and David are great teachers, always available to help and provide feedback. The course teaches the market fundamentals, which can be used on any market. Victorio and David also share some proven strategies and even help develop your own. The feedback and support in this group is the priceless. This truly is a great community that supports everyone. I highly recommend this course."

Once again Vic, this was a great course and I am truly grateful for the knowledge I have gained from you, David and the rest of the group.