Become the next TRADEPRO STAR!

Comprehensive group coaching and trading bootcamp program.

What is STAR?

Your opportunity to learn the entire skill set of becoming a successful trader and hitting consistency in your results while building confidence in yourself.

STAR = Successful Trader Acclimatization Regimen

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Crafted with YOU in Mind

Each module has been handcrafted to help you learn gradually and progressively. This means you will start with the basics, and only add new information to your regimen when you have mastered the previous task.

The group coaching program is structured weekly as follows:

  • Live instructional webinar
  • Assignments with grading and suggestions to help you improve
  • Challenges and exercises focused on trading execution and application
  • Submission of your trading results for coach feedback
  • Dedicated Discord channel discussion led by George and assisted by Victorio
  • Google Classroom learning centre to track all lessons, assignments and grades

STAR Development Modules

You will go through a series of 5 modules in the span of 8 weeks. In addition to the modules, you will have a full, 4-week STAR LIVE Day Trading Sessions (more on this in the next section).

  • Module 1: Foundations of Success (1 Week)
  • Module 2: Price Action Mastery (2 Weeks)
  • Module 3: Mastering the DOM (1 Week)
  • Module 4: Pullback Trading Strategy (4 Weeks)
  • Module 5: Live Trading Bootcamp (3 Weeks)
  • Module 6: Momentum Fade & Breakout Strategies (1 Week)
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STAR LIVE Day Trading Sessions

The last 4 weeks is all about applying everything you have learned in a live market setting, with live capital. You will be applying all the concepts learned, while having the opportunity to receive feedback from your peers and TRADEPRO coaches.

Your goal this entire month will be to execute your trading plan with discipline. Every trade you do will be reviewed by your accountability partner and coach.

Weekly Risk Management Meeting

  • Share your weekly trades and risk stats with the entire group
  • Receive instant feedback from a coach
  • Explain your learnings for this week and your next week booster
  • TRADEPRO Coaches also participate in these meetings!

Application Criteria

This program is designed to help those traders who have already started their journey, and are now ready to take their development a step further. Our entire purpose, both in this program and at TRADEPRO Academy, is to make sure we help YOU get results!

If you are a brand new trader, it is best to start with the online courses before applying.

To ensure people who participate get the best value out of the training, this is an application based program based on review.

Before you apply, it is important to have:

  • Completed the Futures Day Trading Course
  • An active and funded live trading account
  • An order flow software (like Sierra Charts) installed and running in real-time
  • Determination, drive and desire to succeed and be willing to back it up with work ethic and participation in ALL sessions

What Our Clients Say

The course really laid a strong foundation in my trading. Since I’m relatively new to trading (never day traded with real money before I joined) taking this course was a really good idea. The combination of theory and having to go back and forth with others really added to my knowledge and learning speed. Using the Discord with the group really added to the community feeling, although sometimes it can be distracting It really felt like you guys went full out on delivering your knowledge and were not holding back even a tiny bit. Everybody was extremely willing to help and literally no question was left unanswered (and boy I had many, like a gazillion!) The course opened my eyes on trading being a business. Maybe people try to learn how to trade, but that will never be the case, you don’t learn how to trade, you become a trader. I, being a programmer for many years, approached the markets as a technical challenge. But it isn’t that. I gradually unlearned my technical / logical thinking and replaced it with a more probability like mentality. Understanding how emotional the markets are and how this reflects on the price levels is a different game. The course will do different things for different people. Everybody is at their own stage of becoming a trader and everybody has their own process within the course. Some have to unlearn certain behavior first, others can continue the path they were already on, others discover there’s more to it than just some knowledge. But all of this is unknown beforehand. This means that if someone decides to do the course, they will most likely get a firm boost in their trader journey. Understanding market structure is absolutely the key take away from this course. Knowing how to enter a trade is one thing, knowing WHERE to enter a trade is absolutely priceless All the exercises we did really helped me to start thinking the way I should. It is this way of going back and forth between teacher and student that really helped me to fully understand everything I need to. Doing exercises like these are amazingly powerful. I finally feel I no longer need to learn more about trading before I’m able to become a profitable trader. Everything I should know is in there and it feels like it’s just a matter of time now instead of lack of knowledge.


I have been a member of the TPA community for a while now and it has been one of the best investments I’ve made. From the coaches, to the lessons and the resources they provide, you get so much value for what you pay. It’s one of the very few communities whose goal is to genuinely help their members succeed.

Their boot camp is an invaluable trove of more applicable knowledge that you really can’t miss! I especially love the accessibility to all the coaches (big shout-out to Victorio and Chris) and their hands-on teaching and continuous guidance. Not only that, the positivity with which they approach their work and their members helps bring about a mental shift in how one sees their trades. I would highly recommend their coaching program. I think there is a ton of value in this program and a lot of applicable knowledge and real time guidance from the coaches that will help you get closer to achieving your goals! 5 star program!


I wanted to provide my feedback surrounding the STAR program. Upon completion of the program, I must state, I am grateful that you and the team decided to put this together, and for me it was an overwhelming success.  Your positivity is contagious, and the ability for Victorio and yourself to answer a question that you have probably heard and answered a hundred times, while delivering your responses with enthusiasm is truly an art form.

The content of the program provided a great foundation. I have replayed each session multiple times and have started to understand some of the nuances of market movement. The material and lessons are comprehensive if you are willing the put the effort in. I can state this with confidence, as I surprised myself yesterday when I was able to call my first buy stop run, just before it happened.

I also want to send a special thanks to Victorio, and his guidance during this journey. He held nothing back when answering my questions and provided insights to trading that come form years of experiences. He took the time to understand the challenges I faced, and I have a feeling he understood I had to make the mistakes I did, to learn from them.

I hope you continue with this coaching/mentoring program, as I believe you will positively change many lives (if they are willing to put in the effort).


Victorio — wanted to check-in. I have not been able to actively participate in the combine sessions. as I mentioned in my application i’ve got a job that doesn’t lend itself to breaking away during work hours. however, I have had the sessions on and have been watching the replay. I am able to trade during the day. I wanted to reach out to let you know that I really enjoyed the course. As of today – – I have generated @230k of profits as a result of the watching (and rewatching) the classes. TradePro opened my eyes to a different way of thinking about momentum, inventory, etc. and trying to take money away from retail. Your advice to open spreads during volatile markets was key (while ensuring an 8/5 tick relationship). I have great setups and don’t get stopped out as frequently. My only observation is that TradePro either spread out the information over a longer period (lots to take in) or tell participants that they ABSOLUTELY must be prepared to review the sessions 2-3 times on their own. I’ll admit I’m not the smartest guy – – but the sessions are fast and they are jammed packed with info. Each time I went back I found something I missed. Thank you! Love it.

Michael T

Complete Development Program


Learn new concepts weekly in a live webinar environment. From psychology and analysis to trade execution, you will learn information in a progressive format designed to maximize your comprehension.


Demonstrate your newly learned skills through assignments, exercises and challenges.  You will show your thought process, analysis and trade execution in real time to fellow traders and the coaches.


Discuss your trading results with your accountability partner and coaches.  Sharing your challenges, successes and outcomes will help you receive feedback and know that you are on the right path.
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