#ReplaySunday is our trading approach applied to your favorite ticker symbol in video format.

Each Sunday we will analyze a stock based on a recommendation made on Twitter, by you, using the hashtag #ReplaySunday.

If you would like to volunteer your symbol for analysis by TRADEPRO Academy, just tweet it during the week and we will select one to feature on the blog.  Tweet away, as the next symbol can be the one you suggest.

What we do:

  • Video analysis and trading demonstration in a virtual environment
  • Discuss reasons to enter and exit trades based on our TradePro Academy approach
  • View a performance report of the trades placed during the video
  • This entire recording is LIVE and we do not look at the historical movement before we record the video

The benefit to you:
  • See the application of our strategy on your stock and the trade outcomes
  • Learn to use technical analysis to increase your probability of success as a trader
  • Gain an understanding of the concepts we teach in the TRADEPRO Foundations Course
Tweet your stock symbol today using the hashtag #ReplaySunday to take advantage of our interactive blog segment.
Example Tweet:
“Hey TPA, can you feature AAPL on #ReplaySunday this week?”


Here is a recent ReplaySunday example, generating an 80% winning ratio.

Click to watch the #ReplaySunday – PCLN Example


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