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How to Read & Trade Level II and Level III (Depth of Market Patterns)

Day Trading Futures has grown in popularity over the past few years, and traders are getting smarter in understanding what it is that they actually need to be successful, finding tools that professional traders use, and honing their skills. These “tools” are not an EDGE, they’re a must in trading futures and throughout this, I’ll be breaking down one of the most important tools a trader can have when operating in a highly liquid market.

Full Guide to Auction Market Theory & How to trade SUCCESSFULLY

Auction Market Theory goes by many names, some call it distribution theory, and even Wyckoff Theory. Rather it would be seen more as a derivation of Wyckoff Theory, the principals remain fairly consistent with some twists. Throughout this I will explain how Auction Market Theory works in the markets in relation to market participants moving the markets, being able to read and anticipate their movement and their sentiment and how to apply it to the

Trading Nasdaq Futures Using Auction Market Theory

The Futures market is the most liquid market in the world for equities and within this market, you have access to 4 different equity futures, based on indexes. The S&P500 (ES), The Nasdaq 100 (NQ), The Rusell 2000 (RTY) and the Dow Jones (YM).   Get Volume Profile Course   Although the S&P500 futures are the most liquid out of the four, in recent months and even years, the Nasdaq has risen to popularity based

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