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Trading Nasdaq Futures Using Auction Market Theory

The Futures market is the most liquid market in the world for equities and within this market, you have access to 4 different equity futures, based on indexes. The S&P500 (ES), The Nasdaq 100 (NQ), The Rusell 2000 (RTY) and the Dow Jones (YM).   Get Volume Profile Course   Although the S&P500 futures are the most liquid out of the four, in recent months and even years, the Nasdaq has risen to popularity based

How to Read Stock Market Direction Day to Day

Have you heard people say “You can’t predict where the market will go”? It’s a common misunderstanding in trading. Traders think that they have to be reactive ALL the time to catch market moves and guess direction. However, throughout this article, I’m going to disprove that to you all by explaining the concept of strong-handed traders and weak-handed traders. In other words, big money traders and small money traders. How a trader can anticipate the

Delta Profiles-The Secret Sauce of Successful Futures Trading

Delta in the market or commonly known as the delta profile is a proficient order flow tool that takes volume profiles to the next stage, the next level. An evolution if you will. Delta allows traders to see the current market imbalances at certain levels in the market that can provide reversals or strength in move continuity. Not to mention that strong key delta regions are to be reused as time passes by, where large

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