Tips, they’re everywhere.

At restaurants, on your favorite Guru’s Twitter feed, and all over YouTube in every video. Even cat videos are now incorporating “tips”.

Well, here comes another ‘tips’ article for you, specifically tailored to provide you with valuable futures trading tips and advice.

But these are the kind of tips that were tipped before everyone started using tips. So pay close attention, because this article, packed with insightful futures trading tips and advice, WILL CHANGE how you trade futures forever.

Let’s get started and dive into the transformative futures trading tips and advice that will revolutionize your trading approach.


Here Are the Futures Trading Tips We Will Be Going Through Today:

TIP 1: You are stealing money, never forget it and embrace it.

TIP 2: Before you can be a trader, you MUST become a good analyst first.

TIP 3: You can never eliminate emotion, you’re a human, flip it to your superpower.

TIP 4: Stop SIM trading, you’re programming yourself to fail as a trader. Do this instead.

TIP 5: You’ll never succeed, and that is something you should be grateful for.


TIP 1: You Are Stealing Money, Never Forget It and Embrace It.

For some reason, online trading has become ‘cute’.

It has gone mainstream. Everyone is doing it, everyone is teaching it.

Everyone is dreaming about working from home, in their PJs with a bucket of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, watching Netflix, and “trading” all at the same time.

Everyone is also struggling, especially at first. It’s a right of passage in this career.

The other big dream is doing it on the beach, like all the cool ads you see on YouTube.

Well here’s a reality check: trading WILL BE the hardest thing you do – the quicker you accept it the better the chance YOU succeed.

It isn’t cute. It isn’t fun. It isn’t for the beach.

You are becoming a cold-hearted, calculated, and trained market killer.

If you plan to ever trade with any consistency in your success, you will be built more like an athlete.

You will have to learn to trade. This alone will take you almost a full year.

Second, you will have to learn to adopt a success mentality and mindset. You will have to resolve all your deeply rooted issues in life that you have fought so hard to keep a secret.

To be a successful trader, you’ll become a successful person first. You’ll have a bulletproof mindset, and learn how to tackle problems head first.


Why do you have to become that person you ask?

Because YOU will be FIGHTING AGAINST those kinds of people.  The stronger you are, the easier and quicker you’ll trample over weak-minded traders.

This is how money gets into YOUR account, and out of others. You are stealing people’s money legally on the open market.

You are savage.

You worked so hard to be strong, you prey on, and take advantage of the weak.

If you don’t like that, or it goes against your morals and values, this career IS NOT FOR YOU!

In poker, they say if you sit at a table and can’t see the sucker, it’s you.

Trading is the same.

If you’ll keep trading, let’s decide to get strong AF and not be the sucker at the table.
Now let me get soft for just one moment. The beauty of this industry is that by being a savage you will accumulate wealth, and can actually use that money to help people. And of course, the first people you can help are yourself and your family.

Life is about giving. How do you plan to give if you have nothing yourself?


TIP 2: Before You Can Be a Trader, You MUST Become a Good Analyst First.

Okay, now that we’ve lost the prey in the market, let’s take it up a notch fellow savage.

One of the big mistakes new traders make is to start trading too quickly.

Think about this, if you want to be a pilot as a career, where do you start?

Jumping in the seat of an Airbus 380?

What if the pilot on your next flight said, “Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I just started flying, I don’t have ANY training, this is my first flight. Wish me luck. Enjoy the flight. Oh PS, I watched a few YouTube videos on flying last night, don’t worry”.

I bet $1M that you make a run for the exit and de-plane. Your life is at risk.

But why is that funny, while hearing about trading from your friend one day, and buying all the stock of a company you’ve never heard of the next day sounds less funny?

Your money is at risk.

FACT: The only way to be a trader, is to become a great analyst first.

How the heck do you plan to make money if you have no clue where to get out of a trade, or why you are even getting in?

Being a good analyst means watching the market long enough that it starts to seem familiar, and even predictable to you.

In our futures trading course, we give new traders the challenge to watch the market for 21 days without even placing a single paper trade. Just watch! It’s amazing what you’ll see without the pressure of taking trades.

No matter what market you are planning to trade, you shouldn’t yet.

Watch the market every day, same time each day, for as long as it takes for you to start drawing levels of support and resistance that work. That means the market sees them, not just you.

Just implementing this alone, will take your analysis to the next level.

Once you have a good, accurate analysis, the trading part is super easy.

If you skip the analyst phase, you’ll lose enough money that will discourage you and you’ll be looking to learn from a place of desperation. Not a good look. Not how a top performer thinks, leave the brainless trading to the weak.

We need them as well, remember, we have to steal someone’s money!


TIP 3: You Can Never Eliminate Emotion, You’re a Human, Flip It to Your Superpower.

Everyone that isn’t making money trading thinks the secret sauce is to become a robot.

What if you made $100,000,000 a year but you were alone like a robot?

Would you take $1M a monthly income if you had to live in jail for the rest of your life?

What good is money to a robot?

Emotion is what makes you human.  Emotion is what makes you live a fulfilling life.

Stop trying to stop feeling things.

Every human is different, what’s important is to go deep into our psychology.

Understand how we feel about money. Understand our values around success and self-worth.  If your worth is $40,000 a year salary, that’s all you’re gonna make.

YOU have to grow before your account does.  The growth is linear and directly proportional.

My biggest issue about “removing emotions” from trading, is that it’s a subtractive exercise and a lack of mindset.  Instead think abundance, and always be growth-focused.

What do I need to improve and how?

That’s called toward motivation.  This is the real meaning of success.  Growth.

One way to save yourself (from yourself), is to start your personal development journey.

In our trading psychology course, we talk about everything but trading.  We take an inner journey into your mind, to help you become a top performer.  That’s why it works and has created many 7 figure traders – some have even started their own hedge funds.

Truth is, you DO NOT succeed at trading.   You succeed by adopting a success mindset, and trading, like everything else in your life, follows suit.

When abundance flows, it’s shocking how quickly the results you are trying to force will come naturally.

Start working on yourself, NOW.


TIP 4: Stop SIM Trading, You’re Programming Yourself To Fail as a Trader. Do This Instead.

This one is my favorite. It’s also the BIGGEST reason new traders fail before they’ve even had a chance to start.

I know you’ve said to yourself, I’m gonna SIM (paper) trade, but I’m gonna do it differently. I’m gonna treat it like REAL MONEY!

You can treat anything how you want. That doesn’t make it true.

Deep down, your subconscious brain knows that you are just having fun. It’s a video game at the end of the day. Nothing to worry about.

Imagine playing a first-person shooter game, but trying to “treat it like it’s your real-life”. You might play better, but it doesn’t change the fact that YOU KNOW your potato chips are just a foot away from you and it’s ‘just a game’.

This isn’t just a mistake, it’s RUINING your success.

Everything you do, anytime, your subconscious is listening.
Remember this: everything you do is train your brain and create habits.

If you trade on SIM for extended periods of time, you are training your brain that trading doesn’t have any risk. It’s a game.

One day you hit your arbitrary SIM goals and decide it’s time to go live.

The moment you do, you never win a trade again and lose your capital very quickly.


Because you taught your brain that trading doesn’t involve risk by trading on sim for a year. Now that it is live capital, fear sets in.

The fear triggers your subconscious brain to bring you back to safety.

What is safety?

Blowing out your account and having nothing so you can go back to SIM, back to the video game.

These days, you can trade incredibly small sizes with a live account.

If you have learned your trading platform, to the point you are comfortable putting on and taking off trades – you’ve met your SIM trading goals.

Stop treating things like what they are not. SIM money is fake money, and you aren’t fooling anyone with it.

Go live, and learn to trade with risk. The quicker you do, the quicker you will have to learn how to manage your capital and most importantly your emotions.

DISCLAIMER: You going live is your responsibility, I am not responsible for your results. Remember, you’re a top performer now! Behave like one. Take ownership.


TIP 5: You’ll Never Succeed, and That Is Something You Should Be Grateful For.

Trading is a journey, there is no final destination.

As a top performer, you’ll die with the feeling you didn’t accomplish enough.

Your ambitions are larger than life, and it can take you a few lives to accomplish even a fraction of them.

The people who want to “just reach $X of dollars a year” from trading, are not top performers. This is a statement that comes from a lack of mindset.

The point of trading is not to succeed. It is to push yourself, it is to have a career that is rewarding and requires constant growth.

Let’s take this back to being an athlete.

Let’s pretend you are 19 years old again. You’ve trained all your life to play hockey professionally. On your birthday this year, you are drafted to the NHL.

Do you put your feet up? Do you say, I’m good!

No, the fact is that when you succeed the WORK is just starting.

The higher you climb in life, the higher the fall. The more progress you make, the more effort it will require to make a fraction of the progress.

If that doesn’t excite you, this career IS NOT for you.

The day YOU THINK you’ve HIT YOUR GOALS, is the day I’m short on your future and betting on your downfall.

In fact, I want the biggest trading accounts to be in that mindset because that’s who’s money I’ll be taking. Who wouldn’t rather steal money from someone who has more of it?

The uncertainty, and the need to constantly get stronger so you can fight better every day is why I LOVE this business.

I am a top performer. I want to grow, and I hope you are too.


Wrapping Things Up

If you’ve gotten this far, you have had some massive epiphanies and are motivated beyond belief to take your trading to the next level, armed with valuable futures trading tips and advice.

That, or you think I’m a massive jerk and just want to read to see how far my arrogance, despite my expertise in futures trading, will extend.

Truth is, most people say I’m the nicest person they know. I’m a softie when it comes to personal relationships, and it’s a flaw of mine at times.

I once heard a professional hockey player talking about a player on their team. They said this player was a killer on the ice and made no friends, but surprisingly was the nicest guy on the team. He said it was incredibly hard to play against him, but a pleasure to be on his team.

That’s how I live my life and approach futures trading. And as a top performer, armed with powerful futures trading tips and advice, you’ll have to do the same.

Make no friends in the market. Trading is for making money, not friends. By implementing effective strategies and leveraging the right futures trading tips and advice, you can maximize your profit potential.

But don’t let that drive and hunter instinct define WHO YOU ARE.

What you do with the money you make defines who you are. Apply your trading skills and the wisdom gained from futures trading tips and advice to shape a prosperous future.

So be a savage on the ice, but a nice person once the game ends.

See you on the trading battlefield, equipped with the knowledge and insights gained from futures trading tips and advice.


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