Investing in a brighter future.

Every year TRADEPRO Academy allocates a portion of our proceeds to help people in need. We believe that it is our responsibility to help develop the leaders of tomorrow, and to empower communities which are both local and abroad. We strongly believe that “giving is living”.

Our Initiatives

Youth Literacy

Youth Literacy

Every year we partner with a local after school program in an at-risk neighborhood. These high school children have the desire to succeed and become the future leaders of tomorrow. However they face challenges and headwinds. We run an in person workshop to teach these youth about financial literacy.

Our future plans for this program are to start providing a capital deposit to their investing account so they can begin investing right away, on us!

We cover several core concepts at length, with actionable exercises and take-aways:

  • Budgeting and savings - building a base of opportunity capital
  • Credit cards and loans - how to build credit and avoid the pitfalls and mistakes
  • Investing - difference between active and passive investing, how to start an index portfolio and grow it with small but regular deposits
  • Entrepreneurship - how to start and operate a business with low capital, and how to scale their early success to build a sustainable active income
  • Inspiration and empowerment - we help these kids understand their enormous potential, and that anything is possible for them with inspiring stories and messages throughout the program

Philippines Holiday Nutrition Program

Many businesses outsource work to the Philippines, including our company. While providing an employment opportunity is one of our greatest accomplishments as a business, it is also important we help support the communities in these countries. Every year we fund a local feeding initiative, which is run by our very own Customer Support Manager Donna Dayuday. We deploy our resources to help the elderely, and the families in the most dire need. The warmth of the smiles of the recipients and their stories inspires us to constantly give more as our business grows.

Team Sports Sponsorship

Hockey is an expensive sport to play. For young kids who come from a tough economic environment, it is often not a possibility to play the game. Players can learn invaluable lessons that last a lifetime on and off the ice. Young kids learn about teamwork, leadership, performance management and develop their communication skills. Our team sponsorship helps relieve the funding burden on families of the team. We plan to expand this program by sponsoring events that help newcomers to the country introduce their kids to the sport.

Nathan Connaught of the Markham Waxers, Minor PeeWee AAA Hockey Team

Music Recording and Production Grant

Music was a passion of our founder and CEO George Papazov. He was deeply involved in the Toronto music scene in the early 2,000’s, before a tragic incident took the life of his business partner Allen Bellehumeur. It was a devastating moment, which changed the trajectory of George overnight. In Allen’s memory and honor, we run an annual program called the TRADEPRO Academy Allen Bellehumeur grant. This grant helps local music artists get into a professional studio and record their latest album with top notch quality, and also to network with established musicians, engineers and producers in the industry.

Jesse from Diamond Factory Studios, Recording our first grant participant.