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It is our mission to transform individuals into trading professionals by providing the education, tools and learning environment necessary to achieve financial success.

While we are working towards the launch of the TRADEPRO Foundations Course, we encourage you to bookmark and visit our blog frequently to take advantage of the following segments:

MarketRoundup – Analyzing the best trading opportunities for the week to come.

  • Updated every Sunday to prepare you for the upcoming trading week
  • Complete trading setup: trigger, target and stop loss
  • Extensive technical and psychological analysis

ReplaySunday – Give us your favorite stock symbol and we’ll back-test it together.

  • Recommend your stock symbol on Twitter, hash tag #ReplaySunday
  • We pick one symbol and apply our analysis in a virtual testing environment
  • View the final performance report to see what could have been achieved as a result of using our approach

MarketMovers – The key news that is driving the markets during the trading day.

  • Only the most relevant and important information will be posted
  • Only the critical updates directly effecting your profitability make the cut

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