The Russell Index is Back to the CME Exchange

Good news traders – the Russell Index is coming back to the CME exchange!

The Russell Index currently trades on the ICE exchange, which costs a small fortune for monthly data.  The cost is over $130 USD a month to get access to the ICE data feed.

This Sunday, July 10th on the GLOBEX open at 6PM the Russell 2000 index will officially trade on the CME.

If you are a futures trader who gets access to the SP500 index, the DOW and all the other symbols in the bundle you will now also get the Russell.


The Russell Index is Back to the CME Exchange – Why does this really matter?

The Russell Index is comprise of 2,000 small companies in the US.  These small companies often make a move before any of the broader indices, like the SP500.

In trading we call this inter-market correlation.

I wrote a great article that shows you why market correlation is the best trading indicator.  You can read it here.

Now you can get the Russell Index included in your CME futures bundle at no extra cost.

This is super exciting!


The Russell Index is Back to the CME Exchange – Contract Specs

The new symbol for Russell on CME will be “RTY”.

Current front month is September 2017, or RTYU17 on AMP futures.

AMP Futures offers a $250 intraday margin per contract, which is very lucrative for the disciplined trader.

Each tick that the Russell Index moves will be a $5 gain or loss.  The trading hours are the same as the ES contract (SP500 futures).

Here is a snapshot of the specs from CME’s website:


There is even better news!

We have a special relationship with AMP Futures that gives our TRADEPRO’s VIP pricing.  

This is the lowest possible rate at AMP.

If you want to learn more about the VIP pricing, click here. 


Trading begins at 6PM EST on Sunday July 10th and I couldn’t be more excited to use the Russell Index for market correlations and trade confirmations.


Are you excited? Let us know below.

Have an awesome day and happy trading.


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